Educational Consultant on the Philosophy Behind Jesuit Schools

You don’t need to be Christian — or religious at all — to attend a Jesuit school. Mark explains the expectations and requirements of these great colleges.

Educational Consultant on Choosing a Major in the United States

Must you choose a college major before applying for university admission? Not at the University of Washington. Mark explains in this video.

Thinking Of Applying To A Religious College? Here Are Three Questions You Might Want To Consider Asking

A recent visit to Westmont College inspired some thoughts about attending a religious college or university. Here are some questions to consider asking if you are looking at applying to a religiously affiliated college or university.

Beach, Mountains, and Beauty At The University of California Santa Barbara

Looking for a college with views of the beach and the mountains? Listen to what Senior Associate Cara Ray has to say about her visit to the University of California, Santa Barbara.

What’s the Weather Like Today? A Look at Seattle University

Is weather a top consideration on where you apply to college? Don’t forget to think about the opportunities you may be missing!

Tulane University: A Southern Gem

On a recent trip to New Orleans, I had the pleasure of visiting Tulane University. Much like the city that surrounds it, Tulane is a vibrant, enriching, and interesting place. Read this blog post to learn more about it.

College of Charleston: Southern Charm Meets Fantastic Opportunities

The College of Charleston truly takes advantage of its location. Charleston, SC, is an historic and vibrant city with many opportunities for students to have fun and apply their education to the real world. Read this blog post to learn more about the college.

Liberal Arts + Music Conservatory = Lawrence University

Mark recently visited Lawrence University (in the dead of winter) and found it to be a very warm and inviting place–providing an outstanding education in the liberal arts and music.

Knox College Will Knock Your Socks Off

Are you interested in student research, service opportunities, and hands-on learning in a small, diverse environment? You should check out Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Watch this video to learn more about Knox.