College Admissions and Multiples

Last week, the NY Times published an article on quadruplets who were all recently accepted to Yale.  The article describes the scene of Ray, Kenny, Carol, and Martina Crouch all logging into the Yale website to see if they were admitted.  I can only imagine how agonizing it must have been for all four siblings […]

Running Tally on Some Colleges’ Early Admission Figures

The NY Times posts early admissions statistics from some colleges‘.  It is interesting information to browse through.  Make sure to also read the “Comments of the Moment” on the right side of the page.   Katherine Price Educational Consultant

Tips for Parents on the College Admission Process posted a great article directed towards parents whose sons or daughters are currently applying to colleges.  The post outlines the eight “guiding principles” for parents from author and former dean of admission, Marillee Jones. The principles illustrate important points that will help families “keep the peace” through the admission process.  To this list, I […]

College Admission, Hogwarts, Harry Potter, and a Lesson in Marketing

An editorial in today’s New York Times is written by a prospective college student, Lauren Edelson, who laments that every college in America is now comparing itself to Hogwarts. And she’s right: they do. For two reasons. First, today’s college students grew up with J. K. Rowling, just as I grew up with Dr. Seuss. […]

College Fit: How Does the Shirt Look on Me?

Shopping For Colleges Is Like Shopping For Clothes: You Gotta Try Them On

How to Calculate Your GPA–Letter Grades and Percentages

What does your GPA mean? What is your real GPA? What is your core GPA? How will your GPA be used in the college admissions process. This article helps you understand how your GPA may translate into percentages.

AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment (or PSEO): An Analysis

A reader recently wrote in to ask my opinion about dual enrollment courses, and to compare them to the Advanced Placement (or AP) options at her sons’ school.  The question came on a post I wrote analyzing the worth of AP courses. First, a brief word of explanation about “dual enrollment,” or what some know […]

Weighted GPA or Unweighted GPA?

Weighted GPA vs Unweighted GPA? How do you calculate GPA for college? This article explains.