Sports Recruiting Visits to Colleges: Questions That Need Answers WidgetsA couple of my current clients are in the midst of athletic recruiting, and are visiting colleges. I always recommend that they be prepared to ask some pointed questions of coaches, admissions officers, and other students when they make the visit. The list of questions below comes from a book on sports recruiting that […]

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Expand Access to College

Did you see that Hillary Clinton unveiled more of her education policy platform?  It was reported in an article in  Part of her plan is to make college more accessible to students of limited means by using some economic tools and expanding the student loan program.  Here’s an excerpt from the article. Sen. Hillary […]

College and Finance–the Latest Carnival

The latest edition of the Carnival of College and Finance is up and running. It is hosted by our friends at, well, College and Finance. Check out the great posts from the college cognoscenti. Some of my favorite posts this week include: Saving for Kids College Education from Everything Finance, in which the author takes […]

College and Finance: A New Carnival

I recently began reading a new blog carnival that focuses on financial issues related to college.  It is hosted by the folks at College and Finance.  The latest issue is found here.  It contains a lot of interesting, helpful posts.  I’ll continue to check it out. Mark Montgomery Montgomery Educational Consulting

Will Financial Aid Reforms Save Students Money?

An article the other day on MSNBC asked the above question. The answer? Hard to know. Depends on how Congress reforms the industry through oversight and legislation. Here’s an excerpt: Congress is also proposing significant changes in the way the $85 billion market for student loans is subsidized and guaranteed. The House and Senate have […]

College Board Exits the Student Loan Business

The New York Times reported on August 23 that the College Board–the home of the SAT–has decided to leave the student loan business in the wake of crackdowns on shady practices in the industry. Here’s an excerpt: In explaining its decision to abandon the business, the College Board cited new legislation and regulations cracking down […]

Consumer Reports Weighs In On Financial Aid

The September 2007 Issue of Consumer Reports contains a call for greater clarity and consistency in the way colleges award financial aid and communicate those aid packages to families. Here’s an excerpt: Students and parents should have access to understandable information at critical points in the financing process. The current system makes that nearly impossible. […]