When Choosing A School: Which Costs Less? Private vs. Public. In-State vs. Out-of-State.

The second in our series about mistakes people make when choosing a college. Don’t walk away from a school just because you think it might be too expensive.

Let’s Go Shopping! The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet Helps Students Compare Offers

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, intended to accompany colleges’ own financial aid letters, is designed to make it easier for students and families to compare financial aid offers from different colleges.

College Graduates with the Least and Most Debt

How much will your college degree cost? Get a look at the colleges that are graduating students with the most and the least amount of debt.

Choosing A College: Don’t Ignore The Cost

The prospect of college is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This is the first in a series of posts that will help you avoid some basic mistakes when choosing where to apply and attend. Read on to find out how the cost of college should be on your radar right from the beginning.

Financial Aid Primer: #10. When A Financial Aid Package Isn’t Enough

What should you do if your financial circumstances change and you have a shortfall in your financial aid package? Contact the financial aid office.

Financial Aid Primer: #9. All Financial Aid Packages Are Not the Same

What your financial aid package will look like at each college to which you apply is completely unpredictable. And no two packages will look the same. Here’s why…..

Financial Aid Primer: #8. Who Are The Parents?

In the case of divorce, who is financially responsible for paying for a student’s college education? The answer may surprise you.

Financial Aid Primer: #7. Information Required For The FAFSA

What kind of information is needed to complete the FAFSA? Whose assets are evaluated? Read on for a quick overview.

Financial Aid Primer: #6. FAFSA and CSS Profile – The Basics

If you’re looking for financial aid, then the FAFSA and CSS Profile are your starting point. Read on to get the basics about what these forms are all about.

Financial Aid Primer: #5. Different Kinds of Financial Aid Defined

Stafford Loans. Pell Grants. SEOG. Plus Loans. Work-Study. HELP! What do they all mean? If you’re baffled by what are all of the different financial aid instruments, who gets them, and how they differ, then read on!