Foreign Language Requirements For College Admissions Explained

Having trouble with those verb conjugations in your foreign language class? Ever wish you could just drop the course? Read on to understand whether a decision to do that would impact your chances of college admissions.

Great Information on Careers in Engineering

I recently came across this gold mine of information on careers in engineering. It has lots of cool stuff, including job listings, engineering news, and career advice. Check out | The Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

Majors and the Jobs of the Future

We have written several posts on choosing a major in college. While there is much debate about the relevance of a student’s major and their professional future, the downturn in the economy has many parents and students concerned about long term job prospects. Last month, The Wall Street Journal published an article called “Landing the […]

Want To Be An Architect? Study the Liberal Arts!

A client of mine is a budding architect.  He is taking an independent study in architecture at his high school, and has become very enthusiastic about the possibility of turning his interest into a career. But he is unsure about what road to take as an undergraduate.  Should he look for universities that offer a […]

Choosing the Best Major for the 21st Century and the Quest for Relevance

The New York Times ran a story on Sunday entitled Making College “Relevant.”  The thrust is that consumers of higher education (i.e., primarily parents, but also students) are demanding clear links between the education one purchases and the job one lands after graduation. In some ways this makes perfect sense:  a college education is a […]