Educational Consultant on Bates 4 of 5: An Outdoorsman’s College

Mark Montgomery, expert educational consultant and admissions counselor, talks about one of the things that sets Bates College apart: its nearby outdoor opportunities. Bates is near a beautiful natural sea coast, and the mountains and colder climate make it a skier’s paradise, and Bates offers a Division I Nordic skiing program.

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Another thing that sets Bates apart from many of its competitor schools, if you will, is that the outdoors is an integral part of this campus. It is located in Maine, which is a beautiful state, and the outdoors is so much a part of what Mainers are really about. So you have the mountains and skiing that’s about an hour away, it’s really great, fantastic skiing. And then you have one of the most spectacular natural sea coasts in North America. So you’ve got plenty of outdoor opportunities.

Now keep in mind, of course, this is Maine, so there will be snow on the ground, it’s green and beautiful today in the summer, but there will be lots of snow on the ground so it’s winter sports. And Bates also has Division I skiing, including Nordic skiing so winter sports are really, really popular here.

So outdoor activities, if you’re interested in getting outside, going camping, going hiking, being part of the beautiful outdoors of America, Maine and Bates: you need to think about those.


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