Federal Funding for International Education Needs an Overhaul

Today the Chronicle of Higher Education published a commentary I wrote.  It was about programs in international education funded by under Title VI of the Higher Education Act.  I used to work for programs funded by Title VI, and was a grantee a couple of times.

While I think there is a role for federal funding of international education, I’m not in love with the way things are done under Title VI.  Apparently, some other people don’t love the programs either, as they were given a big cut in the latest budget deal.

You can read my entire commentary here.

But the interesting thing is that it all started because I was reading about the cuts in the Chronicle and made some comments, reflecting on the story.  I touched a nerve, I guess, and the global editor called me up and asked me if I’d like to write a commentary.

Goes to show you that it pays to leave comments.  So why not leave one of you own right down below this page??


Mark Montgomery
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