How to Calculate Your GPA–Letter Grades and Percentages

Students ask all the time how to calculate your GPA in high school. One of my most popular posts is about how to calculate your “real” GPA.  Some readers have asked how to translate grades expressed as a percent into letter grades, and then into a GPA based on a 4.0 scale.

Below is a chart that can serve as a starting point.  Recognize,  however, that all schools and colleges will have their own grading policies.  This is one way to translate one kind of grade into another.  It’s meant as a helpful tool. But don’t make assumptions about how colleges will consider your academic performance. You should always investigate how individual colleges and schools handle this translation.

If you’re worried about your GPA, perhaps you are a bit nervous about how your GPA will affect your admission to college. There are three things to keep in mind.

First, it’s not just about your GPA overall.  You need to pay close attention to your core GPA.

Second, you need to think first about which colleges fit you best.  It may turn out that you are worrying too much for the wrong reasons.

Third, if you are having trouble fitting all these pieces together–your GPA, your test scores, your interests, your aptitudes–you may want to consider asking for some professional advice from an expert who can help you navigate the college admissions process.

But perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the GPA is just a mathematical representation of your academic performance. If you are trying to prepare for college, then you need to do your best in high school. You also need to try to take the most rigorous courses available to you. The fact is that your education starts today, and you should work hard in high school not only to get into college–but to become an educated person. Too many students focus too narrowly on the GPA, when could instead focus on what they are learning.

Colleges want students who love to learn. They don’t want students who obsess about their GPA. So dive into your learning with enthusiasm, and work hard to be your best.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant

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Published by Mark Montgomery

Mark is a leading educational consultant. His experience as a professor, college administrator, and youth mentor help him guide students from around the country and around the world.

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  1. Mr Montgomery,
    My school implies a B+– 90-93% and an A to be 93+. While colleges look for the GPA scores are they made aware of this fact or is this not thought essential cuz now i realize that its unfair for us compared to other schools.

  2. Hello, Manish. Thanks for the comment. But do not despair. While your grading scale is different, it will be reported to colleges when your transcript is submitted to the admissions offices. I can’t say that the admissions process is always completely fair (frankly, it is not and never will be), I can say that admissions officers do try to be fair, and they are aware that it is difficult to compare apples to oranges when looking at transcripts from different schools. They get pretty good at interpretation. So just keep working hard, and aim for that 95%!

  3. The ranges are 50-55=C6, 56-60=C5, 61-65=C4, 66-70=B3, 71-75=B2, 76+=A1. Thats the way it is calculated in Nigeria. But i need the GPA. Thanks

  4. Emmanuel,
    Thanks for visiting and for pointing out that transcripts in other countries do not look at all like those in the US. For students from other countries seeking entry into the US, colleges will either do the “translating” themselves (if they have the expertise on campus to do so) or they will turn to third party transcript and reference services to verify the authenticity of the transcript and to translate (both in terms of language of instruction and the grades earned).
    Most colleges and universities have dedicated admissions officers to international recruiting, so interested and able students need not worry that their grades will not be given full consideration.
    Hope you find this helpful, and good luck on your educational quest.

  5. hi! plese sir, i want to know when, how grade point average (GPA) start exist in Nigerian high institution.

    the history of the Grade point average(GPA) and CGPA.


  6. Dear Alhaji,
    Thank you for your question. I am not an expert on Nigerian secondary schools, so I cannot give you any definitive answer. I can tell you, however, that US colleges will give your transcript due consideration. Please keep in mind, however, that very few US institutions offer any financial aid for foreign nationals. So in most cases, you will be expected to pay for the entire cost of your college education–and document this ability to pay–before the US government will provide you with a visa.
    Hope this is somewhat helpful.

  7. Hi, I’m a student from Canada applying to a school in California, and was told I am considered “out of state” for fees, and was just checking for my GPA but was very surprised (in a bad way) at how it is translated. In Ontario, you are considered on the honour roll (which means you are some of the highest grades) and I’m pretty sure 80% must be atleast a B, because if you have a total average of 80% in your classes (i think just U level ones though, so higher ones), you are considered on the honour roll. Does this mean that since the school I’m applying to considers me “out of state” I will have more trouble getting in when in a Canadian university I wouldnt because I am considered very smart? I would really appreciate a reply, thank you.

  8. Hi.
    No matter what your school marks may be, your residency (and, in this case, citizenship) determines your status for both admission and financial aid to state-supported universities in the US. The most sought-after public universities have two different enrollment models (or acceptance rates) for applicants from in-state and for applicants from out of state. At places like Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, U-Texas, etc…it is much tougher to get in if your parents do not pay tax in that state. As a Canadian, you will be considered an “out of state” student for admission and tuition purposes.

    Hope this helps a bit! Thanks for reading my blog!

  9. Hello,
    I’m from Central Africa and we have a grading system similar to the one in France. The scores are given over 20 (10/20, 12/20, 16/20…) and a score of 16/20 is considered very good, 14/20 and 15/20 are considered Good. So if the GPA is as I just saw here, I’m going to have problem for B-school admission.
    What should I do??

  10. Hello, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and for your question. First off, where in Central Africa are you? I’m quite curious as to which country you come from (obviously one of the Francophone ones!).

    Second, my blog tends to address American readers. For international students (who make up a growing percentage of my client base), considerations of GPA are quite different. Having taught for a year in France, I know that a 14 and 15 are quite good, and a 17/20 is astronomically high. Rest assured that when international students are considered for admission to US universities, their national grading systems are taken into account. For universities with a large foreign student population, usually there is expertise within that university to help translate transcripts and other documentation. Alternatively (and I often recommend this for my clients) an applicant can have his or her transcript validated, translated, and interpreted by a third party provider–thus ensuring that your transcript will be given due consideration, despite the fact that it looks different from an American one.

    I hope this helps. If you need more specific guidance, don’t hesitate to drop me an email using the contact form.

  11. I have an aggregate percentage of 73 for an undergraduate course of 4 years what would be my gpa score???

  12. Hello, Ram.

    In general, transcripts from secondary schools outside the US must be evaluated by educators with particular expertise in both American universities and the educational systems of a variety of countries around the world. Generally, when I begin working with student from outside the US, I try to understand the educational system–and the grading system of each school of the students I work with.

    Occasionally, I require that students have their transcripts submitted to a third party evaluator to give me a better sense of the student’s performance.

    I’m afraid that in this case, I do not have the time to dig deeply into the ways in which your secondary school evaluates your course grades. I would want to know what the highest score in the class is, as well as the lowest. I would also want to understand your class rank.

    I think you need to be less concerned about the exact translation of your secondary school score into an American GPA, and more concerned about how well you are doing at your secondary school. If a 73 is a score that puts you way above the rest of your peers, then (of course) a 73 is excellent. In an American context, your 73 might put you at a C or even a C-. But the translation means nothing without context. And any good admissions officer will be sure that your secondary school score is evaluated in the context in which it was earned.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Hello Mark,
    I find your site very useful and i must say that’s a good job.At the moment,I’m studying in Russia and my GPA is 4.4 but i will be going to Ghana after completion and i would be very grateful if you could help me translate my GPA to the level in Ghana and whether it’s a first class or not.Thank You.

  14. Justin, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t know much about the educational systems in either Russia or Ghana, so I can’t help you with that. I suggest that you contact the university in Ghana directly and ask your question about how they evaluate transcripts for admission and placement. Good luck!

  15. Sorry for the delay. I’m from Cameroon, yes it’s a francophone country in Centra Africa but English is one of the official languages and 20% of Cameroonians are native english speakers. I’m from the francophone part of the country.
    Do you provide MBA admission consulting services? I’d like to go for an MBA and I think I need some help.

  16. Hello!

    I am from the States and am applying for my second Bachelor’s at a Canadian university. When they consider my admission, do they convert my GPA over to their system and then make a determination or do they just base it off of where I came from?

    Also, is there a direct site or somewhere to find out what my GPA would transfer to up there? I had a 2.38 which is a C down here. I think it would be higher up there, so hopefully this would be an advantage for me.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  17. Hi, Katherine,

    Thanks for your message. First off, I’m just curious as to why you are doing a second Bachelors degree. Interesting path to take.

    As for your transfer GPA, the admissions folks will be quite able to interpret your 2.38 as a C, and then translate that to their admissions requirements. Different Canadian universities have different requirements, and some will take a C for admission. Most Canadian institutions are very experienced in eyeballing the GPA from the US. I don’t think you need to worry too much about “translating” something that doesn’t really need translation.

    Is the 2.38 in your current Bachelors program? Or is that your secondary school grade?

    Thanks for writing.

  18. The school I go to (in NJ) multiplies grades in honors courses by 1.05 and grades in AP courses by 1.1. The only grade that goes on your report card are the “weighted” grades (with the multiplier). My school puts number grades on the report cards.

    To calculate my unweighted GPA, do I have to get rid of the multipler weight? For example, I got a 95 in English on my report card. Since this is an honors course, my raw score was a 90 (90 x 1.05 = 94.5 = 95). Do I use the 90 or the 95 for my unweighted GPA?

    Thank you.

  19. Hi, Andrew. The answer is that you should use the “raw” score as your “unweighted” GPA. The multiplier gives you “extra GPA credit” for taking honors and AP courses, which is all helpful in calculating your class rank–but your “unweighted” GPA is your raw score of 90, not the 95 you get by using the multiplier.
    Hope this helps!

  20. Hi Mark,

    I am a US student completing an MSc in mathematics and statistics by distance learning with the University of Cape Town. As of today, I have an average of 62% on a South African grading scale. Would you have any way of knowing what this could correspond on a US GPA scale?

    Thank you

  21. so what gets me, is that my high school counts:
    90+ as a 4.0
    80-89 as a 3.0
    75-79 as a 2.0
    and a 70-74 as a 1.0
    then these are all just averaged
    so what if i get all 92’s, and my transcript says i have a 4.0?
    will colleges translate that into a 3.7?

  22. Hi, John. I’m afraid I don’t know, and I don’t have any clients in South Africa (yet) so I’ve not had the occasion to learn. I suggest you connect with the office of Education USA in South Africa. The folks there can probably help you find the right answer. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  23. Mark
    I’m a bit confussed. I am from Chile, where the grade range goes from 1 to 7 (4 is Paas/fail).I have to have a GPA of 2.5 for the school I’m applying but I don’t know how to calculate it. I have a 5.2 (from 1-7 scale)

  24. Hola Marcos,
    Gracias por tu pregunta. I am not completely up to date on how best to translate every transcript into the American equivalent. My suggestion is to call the admissins office of the college to which you plan to apply and talk to the coordinator of international admission and ask that very question. In most cases, the admissions representatives will be more than happy to talk to you and to give you the answers you need. If they aren’t, please come back to this post and let us all know who they are!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  25. I am from Macedonia and our college grades are 5-10, can you tell me how that translates to A,B,C.. or to gpa 3,4.
    If not can you tell me if there is an agency that translates diplomas and grade transcripts from other countries.
    Thank you

  26. Hello, Ljiljana,
    Thanks for the question. I am not an expert on the Macedonian educational system. But if you’re looking for a translation of your diploma, you might want to check out Keep in mind, however, that many of the larger universities in the US that seek students from abroad will do the translations (and pay for them) themselves. No matter where you come from, foreign student transcripts and grades will be judged within their own context, and not directly “translated” into a US-style “grade point average.”
    Hope this helps!

  27. well.
    in prince willam county..
    we dont have such letter grades like “a-“,”B-“”C-“…

    so my question iss that if i get an A(93)in my school then do they calculate 93 as a 3.7 instead of 4.0?

  28. Hello, Jamie.
    Thanks for the question . The answer is that colleges will see whatever Prince William County Schools put on your transcript. If they see only the A, then they will base calculations on that. If they see the 93%, then they will base calculations on that.

    Remember, none of this is as scientific as we’d like it to be, and remember that schools across the country have different policies in what they report to colleges.

    Just know that college admissions folks are professionals and will be familiar with how to compare your transcript with others. In the end, your transcript is being compared not with that of others in other schools. Your transcript is being rated in the context in which you go to school.

    So again, it’s the job of admissions folks to crunch numbers, and then to interpret them in light of the school you attended. And rest assured: few will be unfamiliar with Prince William County.

    Best of luck!

  29. hi i am from india i am doing BE chemical from one of the best institutes here and have 65% till my second year and have got 91% in my 10th standard and 84% in 12th i want to pursue masters in petroleum at texas wat other than the gre is required to get there i mean about how much % and ya i more thing i have numerous extra curricular activities from hosting international confernces to sports to student politics posts plz give a reply as early as possible

  30. Hello, and thanks for your question.

    I think you should be able to pursue a graduate degree in the US. I’d have to take a closer look at your academic record to be able to know which universities will consider you a competitive candidate. Your scores on the GRE would be important, as well as the rest of you background. My associates and I have experience in looking over transcripts from India, so if you’d like some professional advice, I’m sure we could help you out. Also keep in mind that there are some good petroleum engineering programs outside of Texas that you might want to consider.

    Thanks again for writing, and let me know if we can be of assistance.

  31. Hello , i was want to know if having a good GPA would help me get scholarships to pay for college?

  32. Hi,

    I feel the information you have provided is not accurate. I’m saying this because I have got a 72% in Master’s and that is rounding off to a c- which implies that i am a very weak student. But that is not so as I have ranked 6th in graduation in Kolkata and 1st in masters. So, as far as I know I’m not a dumb student.

    Thank you

  33. Dear Ria,

    Thanks for your comment. Please keep in mind that the grading system I am explaining is the American one. Other countries use different grading scales. For example, France uses a scale from 1 to 20. In Mexico, it is 1 to 10. The percentages required to earn a passing grade are different around the world, too.

    What counts, therefore, is your context: admissions officers in the US (as well as educational consultants like me) have experience in translating grades and transcripts from other countries into a form that allows us to evaluate them fairly.

    Thanks again, and let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  34. Hey Mark

    My name is Lary. I am a student in Israel. I have a 80% in my Bachelor’s GPA. I could probably reach a 82% by the end of the exams.
    How much is it in an USA GPA ? Is it a 3.0 GPA ( and/or more) ?
    Thank you very much for your helpl

  35. THANK YOU. That’s all I really had to say. I had my GPA in percentage, and was spazzing out because I couldn’t figure out the exact 4.0 Scale I had. I knew it was around a 3.0, but I wasn’t positive the right one. So thank you, so very much. :). You do good for my college-spazzing mind.

  36. Krista,
    Thanks for the nice note. Glad I could help–at least a bit–during the spazzing process. Try not to let it get to you, and if I can be of further assistance, I hope you’ll give me a holler.

  37. Hello, Lary,
    I am not an expert on Israeli transcripts, but I could do more digging for you to help you find the answer, if you’d like my assistance. However, most large US universities have expertise on their staffs to help them interpret transcripts from other countries. In addition, many universities will require transcripts from other countries to be translated and certified by third party organizations or companies.

    But here is a general rule to keep in mind: all transcripts are judged by the context in which they were earned. Therefore, your grades will be examined in the context of your secondary school and the educational system in which you live. If an 82% is considered to be the top of your class, then you will be considered to be at the top of your class. If, however, significant numbers of your peers are earning 90%, 93%, or even 98%, then your performance will be evaluated within that context.

    I hope this is helpful. If you are seeking admission to a US university and would like some personal assistance, don’t hesitate to send me a note on the “Contact” page of this website.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work!

  38. hey, i dont think that conversion table is correct because in most of the universities in india the average distinction percentage is 70% its considered pretty good and 60 % first division and at your table its showing 59% is failure….snt it funny to compare like tht?

    GPA is based on your score relative to the top ranker score….so similarly percentage also must be converted in that way then only its justifiable…like if your percentage is 70% while top ranker in your class is 85% then an approximate GPA would be like 4*70/80= 3.5 gpa could be considered as decent in both ways….
    correct me if iam wrong.!
    thank you.

  39. Hello,

    You are correct that the grading in India is very different than it is in the United States. Evaluating grades from India also depends on the school and what exam results are being presented. For example, an admission officer evaluating results from the India Certificate of Secondary Education would probably consider 60 to 100% as the equivalent to an A, 45 to 59% as the equivalent to a B and so forth. For the Central Board of Secondary Education, 75 to 100% might be considered an A and 60 to 74% a B and so forth. It can be complicated, but admission officers do spend time researching the grading procedures and scales used when evaluating a transcript. It can also be helpful for international students to have their transcripts officially translated and converted by a third party. I hope this answers your question!


    Katherine Price
    Senior Associate

  40. I have a weighted average of 2.68 because of the three arts courses I took that dropped by grades, but an unweighted average of 3.3. I was just wondering, how does this look like to a top tier college, such as Brown University?
    Sorry for giving such a strange question
    Thank you

  41. Hello, Funsho.

    Your question is a bit strange, on the surface, but not completely out of the ordinary. Your unweighted GPA will look better to all colleges than your weighted average, but I imagine your grades in those art courses are pretty low if they dragged down your GPA more than half a point. Top tier universities do not like low grades–wherever they appear. Sometimes they overlook them if the student has amazing talents in other areas or is otherwise highly desirable. But there’s not way to get around the fact that your transcript has some blemishes.

    My advice would be to consider Brown, but to also look at a variety of other colleges that are similar to Brown but that might be more willing to overlook those blemishes. In order to make recommendations, I’d need to know a lot more about you, including your test scores, the kinds of courses you have taken in high school, and the extracurricular involvements you are pursuing. If you’d like me to help you draw up a list, let me know!

  42. hi completed the University of Ghana with a second class lower.The majority of graduate schools in America require a B or 3.00 G.P.A and according to the WES website free service my second class lower is equivalent to a B. Should i start applying?

  43. I have a question about GPA. How would I figure GPA at home? Please explain this as simply as possible. Thank you.

  44. Hello, and thanks for your question. I’m unsure what you are asking. Are you asking about devising grades and GPA for a homeschooler, or are you asking about how to calculate the GPA at home? Thanks again for stopping by!

  45. Hello again, and thanks for the clarification.

    As a homeschooled student, a GPA does not hold much weight in college admission. The problem is that the GPA demonstrates (or is assumed to demonstrate) a comparison among peers, and not a norm-referenced result. A norm referenced result, by comparison, would be an exam that requires a certain level of achievement in order to receive a top score (such as an AP or IB exam).

    Thus test scores often become more important for a home schooled student. I recommend that your child take as many SAT 2 subject tests as possible, in addition to the ACT and the SAT 1.

    I suggest that you research the ways in which home schooled students are evaluated at the college to which the student plans to appy. Different colleges have different policies with regard to home schoolers.

    Alternatively, you may want to seek the advice of a professional college planner to help you map out the college admissions process. It’s complicated enough for a student who attends public schools. It can be even more complex for home schooling families.

    I hope this is helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

  46. Supreeth,
    I’m not sure I totally understand what you are asking. Are you trying to convert grades from another national system to the US system?

    Thanks for your inquiry.

  47. Hello.

    I have my transcript from Monash University in Australia which lists my letter grades, but it only shows the percentage scores for the last few units. I approximated my average score to be in the mid 70s, which according to your table is a C-grade or a 2.0 GPA, but that doesn’t really mean anything to me.

    I hear people talking about 3.x GPAs and 4.0 GPAs all the time, so I can only assume a 2.0 GPA is not really anything to be proud of, but I have a Bachelors degree that I worked hard for and I AM proud of that and my parents were proud of me when I graduated, too.

    I guess what I’m curious to know is where my 2.0 GPA puts me among my peers. Does everyone here in the U.S. graduate with a 3.0+ GPA (like it seems)? Or is it just that nobody wants to admit to anything lower?

    Thank you,

  48. Sir,

    Minor type error on line D+…. 67-79, corrected 67-69.

    Not applicable to my pending averages, thank goodness, but you might appreciate the intel.



  49. hi i hav completed mbbs (bachelor in medicine & bachelor of surgery ). i earned a total of 89.4 percent score for 48 subjects each of fullmarks of 100. i am asking you to convert my score (89.4%) into GPA.
    thank you.

  50. Thank you for the wonderful information. You have been a big help so far. I am an American living in Saudi Arabia and I am trying to get my son (American but studied in a Saudi Private School) into a good university there. The high schools here have no idea on how to provide the appropriate information and to prepare students like my son(dual citizenship) for life after high school. (Eventhough I paid enough tutition for his education so far that I could have put him through Harvard twice. Not Joking!!! I understood every thing you wrote about real GPA. I just want to know since they have intensive religion classes here (which are rather difficult)should I calculate these classes as well as the Math, Physics, Chemisty, ect.? And how about his English classes (ELS)? Would his Arabic classes be calculated as if they were English Literature, grammar, and poetry? Please help! We were in America this summer to enroll him for the fall–they did us wrong. I provided the university with translated transcripts they were obviously unaware about how to calculate his GPA. They wanted me to do it. EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES. It was a huge disappointment. I don’t want any mistakes and really want him to start this spring. Do you provide help for people who are overseas? Believe me, they need it here.

  51. Dear Michaela,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your questions.

    First off, I do work with international clients–about 30% of my students live overseas. So let me know if I can help your son with his specific needs.

    But to answer your questions, you’ll want to report a GPA for all of his courses, if he has marks in them. Colleges will see the complete GPA for every student, and then they will make their own decisions about what to count toward their “real” GPA. You don’t need to make the determination about whether to include religion. You should include it. Just know that college admissions offices might not. My guess is, however, that they would definitely include Arabic as a foreign language credit (i.e, a core academic subject).

    Some universities are much more savvy when it comes to students with transcripts from abroad. It sounds like you were dealing with an office that is not as seasoned as others.

    Let me know if I can provide you with more personalized assistance. I’d be happy to help.

  52. Hello John,

    I don’t think there is a record of a national average college GPA for the US. I think it depends on the school and the programs the students are enrolled in. For example, students who are studying in the sciences or are premed may have a lower GPA average than their peers studying in other disciplines. The important thing is that you are proud of the work you have done!


  53. Do senior year first semester grades count in your overall GPA? My gpa is decent, I suppose, but I am very disappointed with it and I’m wondering if really great senior grades could help me. Also, if I have a (somewhat) legitimate reason for some of my not so great grades, will this be taken into account? My reason is that I’ve had trouble participating in classes due to shyness and this really hurt my grades in some cases. I am improving now in participation, so is it okay if I tell colleges about this reason for my not so great grades? I don’t want colleges to think that I won’t participate in their classes; I really am improving now.
    thank you so much!

  54. Dear Anonymous,

    Senior grades definitely do count, so getting good grades in your senior year is important. If your senior grades can pull up your overall GPA, colleges will be pleased.
    As for whether “shyness” constitutes a justifiable reason for lower grades, I’d have to ask this: how do you document shyness and your ability to overcome it? For most students who present reasons for less-than-adequate grades, we’re talking about the death of a parent or sibling, a difficult divorce, a full-time job that a student must pursue to help support her family economically, a documented learning disability, or some other extenuating circumstance that clearly has an impact on performance. Shyness does not quite reach this sort of level of impact. You can certainly tell them about your shyness; whether they will see this as a justification for overlooking poor academic performance, I have to say that I have my doubts.

    That said, if you choose carefully the colleges to which you will apply, and if you pay attention to finding schools that match, you will be able to create a great educational future for yourself. Just be you, and do your research carefully, and the rest will fall into place.

    Best of luck. And let me know if I can help you find the right college for you.

  55. Hello, and thanks for your question. As you can see, we get many requests to convert grades or marks earned at foreign universities to a US GPA. This cannot be done. The systems are too different. Therefore, your application to university in the US will be judged in the context of how grades are determined in your country. In some countries, an 89% would be very, very high and enormously impressive. In other countries, 89% might be the average. My guess is that 89.4% is quite good in your country. But I would need more information and would need to know more about the graduate programs to which you plan to apply. If you’d like some personalized assistance in this, please let me know and either I or my associate, Katherine Price, will be happy to help you.

  56. Hi, John. I’d just like to add my two-cents to say that the US and Australian contexts are not compatible in the way you calculate. As an applicant to a US university or graduate program, you would be judged upon the context of your home country. So a university average at Monash might be considered an indication of much higher performance than if you were attending a US university (with grade inflation, you would have to work really hard to get an overall average of 70% at a US university).

    Most of our comments here are focused on students in the US secondary school system. You are right to point out that what may be true in the US, may not be at applicable to you and your performance at Monash.

    Thanks for your question!

  57. Thank you for responding. It makes sense that “shyness” wouldn’t really count as an extenuating circumstance. Just to clarify, when I say lower grades, I mean that I have a B+ average, but I do want to apply to selective schools. For example, two schools that I am considering are Williams and Wesleyan. Do I have no chance at admission to these schools?

  58. I have completed my undergrad in Engineering in Iran and I have just applied for a graduate school in the US. My undergrad GPA based on Iran’s system is 13.9 out of 20. The graduate school to which I am applying is telling me that my GPA in their system is about 2.2 out of 4.0! I’m not sure how GPA scaling works but if I scale my GPA linearly, I guess my GPA must be something around 2.7-2.8. Could you please explain the big difference in GPA scalings here?

  59. Rabee,
    Thanks for your question. If they are scaling according to some numerical formula, the graduate school in question may not know enough about the Iranian education system. You need to inquire as to how the graduate school is making that determination. Has your diploma been translated? Has a third party service verified and certified your transcript–perhaps including an explanation of the grading system used in Iran? Make sure that the people in the admissions office know what they are doing. I am unfamiliar with the Iranian system, so it’s best you take it upon yourself to ensure the admissions people are adequately educated!
    Good luck!

  60. Hi my name is Al. I am a Canadian student who is looking to get into a Law School in the United States. How compatible are our two systems? Does an 80% in Canada translate to an 80% in the United States system-since are countries are so close and many student travel quite easily between boarders.
    It seems like students in the United States have quite high marks upon entering into law school, anywhere in between 85-90%. With a Canadian GPA of 80% do I stand a chance of entering into a reputable school?

  61. Our kids attend a school, which calculates GPA as follows

    K or AP = A = 7
    OnLevel = A = 6
    K or AP = B = 6
    OnLevel = B = 5

    How does this GPA calculation equate to the entrance GPA for college, does A = 4, A- = 3.7, B+ = 3.3 etc?

  62. Dear Marjoe,
    Thanks for your question . I have run into this unusual grading scale before. It’s one more bit of proof that we do not have a centralized, standardized educational system in the US. I cannot give you a concrete correlation with the 4.0 grading scale that is more traditional in this country. I am working with a student in another state that has a similar sort of grading system, in which he has about a 6.0 GPA. But his high school translates that to a 3.9. I am going by the percentages he has earned on his exams, and by the translation/calculation that the school district makes.

    I’m sorry not to be more helpful. Perhaps you can ask the school guidance counselor how they answer the question when admissions folks call the school asking for a clarification. I’m sure you’re not the first person to have asked the question!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to ask a question. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful.

  63. I have completed Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University which is there in India with Aggregate percentage of 75.15%.I am planning to apply for MS in Architectural Engg. in King Fahd University of Petroleum & minerals. In the requirement list of the university it was mention that a mininium gpa of 3.0 on scale of 4 should be there in order to get enrolled in the university.Sir iam finding it hard to convert my aggregate percentage to gpa.Please convert it for me because i have already applied for feb semester.Awaiting for your.

  64. Hello,

    Thank you for your question. Since your university uses a different grading system, there may not be a direct way to convert your aggregate percentage into a direct 4.0 scale. Most admission officers will view your grades and your school’s grading procedures independently of students applying from schools that do grade on a 4.0 scale. They will also look at other factors, such as rank and how many students also received a 75.15% at your school. You should contact the schools you have applied to and see if they need any additional information on grading procedures from your school.

    Best of luck!

    Katherine Price
    Educational Consultant

  65. hey mark!,
    i study at a technological institute in India .The GPA chart that you have provided doesn’t seem to be fair to us Indian students .In india the courses we take are really tough especially at the undergraduate level i scored a 70% aggregate in my undergrad but this translates to a C in your report but education here is tough and people hardly score above 85% so i think that its a flaw..please solve this problem mark

  66. hello
    my GPA=1.7(72.09%). please tell me how can i improve this to be acceptable for postgraduate study in canada
    iam egyptian pharmacist

  67. Hello, Vinay.

    Different countries have different systems. Mexico scores on a scale of 1 to 10, with 7 being a passing grade. France grades on a 20 point scale.

    My comments on this post relate only to the US grading system.


  68. Hello.
    If you are asking about your percentage score in an American education system, your 86.7 is almost a 3.3. However, if your percentage score has been earned at a school outside the US, you may need to have your transcript interpreted by an expert, such as WES (World Educational Services).
    Hope this is helpful.

  69. my percentage is 69% from an indian university and here itsgrade A
    so what would my points or grade be?

  70. Hello!
    I am an Indian student. We don’t have grade system in our colleges. I have got an average of 60.65% for 6 semesters. I want to know my GPA till 6th semester.
    Thank you!


  72. What is a good way to score High School Mathamaticss (Algebra, etc) Test scores,quizes and homework assignments, for example Tests being 50% and the other two 25% each or 70,15,15 ? Trying to fined a good rule of thumb. Thanks

  73. Hi, JMC.

    I don’t have a good answer for you, except to tell you my opinion. I think it does a disservice to kids to weight homework too heavily in the grading scheme. Students need to be able to perform on an assessment, and homework is just practice for those assessments (quizzes and tests).

    That said, I become VERY frustrated with math teachers who do not at least LOOK at kids’ homework to see whether they are really understanding the concepts taught before the test. Too often kids are not monitored (or given “continual assessments” in educational parlance) for understanding. Teachers just pass out the test, grade them on a scantron, and then dole out the grades.

    Whatever you decide to do, I beseech you to do continuous assessment to monitor your students’ progress toward mastering the concepts (or “standards,” if you will). Education is about learning, after all, and not just about earning (or dishing out) grades.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope this is helpful to you.

  74. Hello Jainam,

    Generally schools in the US will not try and calculate a GPA for a student coming from a completely different curriculum. Are you talking about your grades in college and looking for information on how your grades would be reviewed for graduate school? Or are you looking to go to college in the US? Please let me know and I can give you a little more information.

    Katherine Price

  75. Generally schools in the US will not try and calculate a GPA for a student coming from a completely different curriculum. Are you talking about your grades in college and looking for information on how your grades would be reviewed for graduate school? Or are you looking to go to college in the US? Please let me know and I can give you a little more information.

    Katherine Price

  76. I am concerned about what my gpa is on the grad school level.

    An A = 12 points if its 3 credit hours
    An A = 9 points if it’s 1 credit hour

    Here are my grades and credit hours

    A/3 credit hour course
    B+/1 credit hour course
    B/3 credit hour course
    C+/3 credit hour course

    What would my gpa be?

  77. helloo
    i got a 2.54 GPA in an american curriculum school
    can i have my GPA in a percentage?
    thank you

  78. Hi!I am student of Russia.I don’t know how to convert my GPA.For example 50% of my scores are excellent and 50% of them good.In russia there are this kind of grading
    How can I convert my grade.THANKS ..

  79. Hello. You need not worry about converting your Russian grades to an American GPA. It is never converted. Rather, your grades will be interpreted in the context in which you earned them. Given your description, it seems you are a good student. You will be judged as such in an American context.
    Good luck!

  80. Hello, Donna. This is a good math problem. Multiply your grades by the appropriate number on the 4-point scale. Then multiply the answer by the number of credits. Then add up all the numbers in all your courses, and divide by the number of credit hours.

    A: 4 points times 3 credits = 12
    B+: 3.3 points times 1 credit = 3.3
    B: 3 points times 3 credits = 9
    C+: 2.3 points times 3 credits = 6.9

    Total points = 31.2 divided by 10 credit hours = GPA of 3.12

    Hope this helps.

  81. Hi Mark,
    I am a student from India. In my undergrad, my cummulative percentage is stated as 80% (with distinction). In my postgraduation, I had a cummulative GPA of 8.5 (on a 10 point scale). How do these two convert to 4.0 point scales? Grateful for advice! Thank you!

  82. hii pls i would sincerly like to know how to calculate my gpa and also how to convert it in equivalant to the u.s my country 75 and above is A1
    70-74 B2
    65-69 B3
    60-64 C4
    55-59 C5
    50-54 C6
    45-48 D7
    40-44 E8..
    THANKS n looking forwars for your reply.

  83. Hello Ammy,

    Can you tell me what country you are from? I can then do some research on the grading procedures and give you an idea of how your grades may be interpreted in the US.

    Katherine Price
    Education Consultant

  84. Hello Sasi,

    Is your 80% cumulative based on your results for the India Annual Exam? If so, that would be about an A average for the US. I am not familiar with the 8.5/10 scale that you wrote about, but depending on how competitive your high school was, that may be consider a high B average in the US. It all depends on how your high school calculated your grades and how many other students were able to achieve the same GPA or higher. Any college reviewing your grades will not attempt to calculate a direct GPA for you, but they will try and estimate (usually by saying you have an A average or B average, etc.) Hope that helps.

    Katherine Price
    Educational Consultant

  85. Hey, I dropped in because I had a question, but you have already answered it and I’m extremely relieved that 15 is actually considered GOOD in a French system. However I have another question, do you have some sort of a chart which can determine and translate the French system to an American? I’m currently in tenth grade in a French high school near Marseille, and one of my goals is to be admitted to Cornell- one of the best universities in NY. I’m wondering what a 13/14 average would be considered as on an American GPA scale? Also, one of the main reasons I’m actually leaving a comment, (I have never commented on website material before) is to let you know that your answers are probably some of the most useful I have ever encountered. You are doing an excellent job, thank you very much.

  86. Hi, Natalie.

    Remember, 15 is good, but 17 is better. LOL.

    I don’t have a handy chart to make the correlations you seek. Such things don’t really exist. You will have to trust that Cornell (or wherever) will have a good idea of what the educational system is like in France, and they will compare you against others who have been educated in the same sort of system. You will be judged within the context in which you are educated. GPAs are not really “translated.”

    I’m glad you find the website useful. Please come back again, and ask more questions!

  87. Hi, Seif.
    The short answer is that you cannot. You will be judged within the German context when your application is reviewed. You can eyeball things a bit if you know what your rank was as a graduate: top 10%, top 25%, top 50%. This will be an indicator of what colleges will accept you, and sometimes you can find such information on various websites.
    Best of luck, and let me know if we can help you with identifying a good college for you in the US. We enjoy working with students from all over the world!

  88. Hi, Reza. You don’t mention which school system you currently participate in, but the answer is that you cannot calculate your US GPA using numbers achieved outside of the US. You can try to figure out your class rank (did you graduate in the top 10%? Top 25%? Top 50%? That can give you a rough indicator of your statistical chances for admission to MIT. But even those stats are slippery.

    Let me know I can provide you more personal guidance as you identify the best colleges for you, and as you prepare your applications. We enjoy working with students from all over the world!

    Best of luck.

  89. hi can someone help me find out my percentage if i have a 3.85 GPA. i’m applying in a university in mexico that is based on a 100% scale.
    i hope someone can help me


  91. Hello, Enrico. You do not need to worry about translating your school results in Mexico to an American GPA. Colleges and universities will know how to interpret your performance in Mexico. Don’t do anything: just submit your results and rest assured that it will be given a fair review.
    Good luck!

  92. Hello,

    I went to school in Lima Peru. I’m applying for a government job and they are asking for my GPA. My GPA in Peru (20 point scale) is 13.95.

  93. hii!
    I have a 3.25 unweighted GPA
    I knowo my weighted Gpa (4.4) doesnt really matter too much for college
    but i was wondering what my percentage would be ?

    3.25= ?


  94. Hi, Virginia,
    I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. A 3.25 translates (roughly) to a B, but getting close to a B+. By some measures, this might mean that you ave about an 85%. But colleges will use the 3.25, if that is what is reported on your transcript.
    Hope this helps!

  95. Hello, Natalia. You should just give your Peruvian grade point average on the application. If there is room to explain, you might mention what a passing grade is considered under this system. But do not try to translate your Peruvian 13.95 into the American system. If you want to get an official transcript report prepared for an employ, you might check out the services offered by WES, or World Educational Services.
    Best of luck!

  96. Hello Sir
    Thais is Nishat..I want to know my GPA..My average percenatge is 69..

  97. Dear Nishat,
    I presume you are writing from India. You should not worry about translating your percentage into an American-style GPA. University admissions personnel in the US will evaluate your transcript based on the standards common at your secondary school, and upon the Indian national system. Rest assured that most every admissions office in the US has expertise in evaluating transcripts from abroad.
    We also have experience evaluating transcripts; Katherine Price, my associate, has deep experience in working with students with India. Let me know if you would like to be in touch with her about possibly having her help you with your applications.
    Best of luck to you.

  98. Hello Mark ,
    FIrst of all I’d like to say that it’s pretty awesome and totally useful to ask a professional advsior like you , Secondly I’m an egyptian student in my last year at high school and I’ve got 96.3& in my exams this year so I was asking for an official method to convert this percentage into a GPA score and any kind of organization who could do this process for me here in Egypt or in the US .

  99. Hi, I was wondering if finding your GPA scores you only total only your grade % of the math, english, science and history? Or do you add your electives in also on the total GPA score? Such as music, art, health or PE.

  100. Kim,
    As I explain in the post, GPA does include everything. But colleges will discount all the electives–if they are not academically rigorous.

  101. Hello,
    Thanks for your question. You do not need to convert your percentage to an American GPA score. Most colleges are pretty capable of interpreting a foreign transcript within the context in which you earned. There are organizations like World Education Services that will do an official report, and I sometime recommend them. But it is only absolutely necessary when the college admissions people require that sort of official conversion. If you want to make certain that the conversion is very clear, perhaps you could approach WES and see if they will do it if you pay for it, and then send the report to the schools to which you apply.
    Best of luck.

  102. Hi, I’m asking if my gpa is 4.32/5 in singapore.wat is the conversion in us gpa 4 system. I wish to gauge my phd sch application average per semester is abov gpa 3.

  103. Hello Sir. I am from India. I have completed my Bachelor of Technology degree and now I want to persue my Master’s degree in the USA. In the bachelor’s degree I got 8.1 GPA on a scale of 10 (this is what followed by Indian Universities). When I am filling up a form in the GRE website, it is asking me to select from A, A-, B+, B, B-…etc. I am really confused as to where do I fit into the closest. Please tell me what the 8.1 Indian GPA would be in American letter grading system. Which letter grade should I select.

  104. Hello.
    The fact is that the form you are filling out was not created with international students in mind. I would say leave the form blank. And then you can either pay third-party experts (like WES-World Education Services) to translate and interpret your transcript for an American context, or you can count on the admissions office to do that interpretation for you. You might want to ask the college, directly, how they would like you to complete the form. My guess is that they’ll realize that the form’s question does not fit your situation.
    Good luck.

  105. Hi, I’m currently at cornell and was trying to figure out the highest possible grade I can get for one of my classes. I received a B on the exam which is mean grade. The tests account for 20% of my grade, and I calculated using your criteria that the highest grade I can get is a 96.6 which is an A or a 4.0
    Would this be correct ?

  106. Hello,
    My daughter’s high school uses a scale where a 3.0 translates to an 88 average and a 94 or better is required for a 4.0. The school does not weight classes. My question is do colleges/universities generally have a system to standardize GPAs when comparing applicants?


  107. Hello.
    I’m doing my first semester in college in India. I want to transfer to a college in the US after my second semester.
    I have 2 major questions:
    1) Will I need only my first year grades from college, or all my high school grades as well?
    2) Will I need to convert all my percentage scores into GPA to be able to apply?

    I’d like to point out that there are various universities here, each autonomous and having very different marking styles, so I might have to convert all my grades or percentages into a format that the US university might understand.
    How do I do that?

    Thanks loads! Really appreciate all the help so far.

  108. Hi, Mr. Mark im in nursing school right now and our graded scale is like the one posted here on the website. We have maybe 5 to 6 weeks left of school and I wanted to know exactly what I would have to make in order to pass the class? These are my grades exam 1 62%, exam 2 72%, and exam 3 54% we have exam four coming up and then the final each worth 100 points. The four exams each make up for 17% each totaling 68%…., the final worth 100 points makes up for 22%. We aslo have 5 vce assignments that are worth 100 points….at 1% per vce totaling 5% of our total grade…And last but not least a project worth 100% which is 5% of our grade. Can you please email me back regarding this becuase im trying to figure this out. Thanks!! P.S for us to pass I need at least an 80% or higher which is a C!!

  109. Hi, Jay. This math is really beyond my purview: my guess is that you could (and should) figure out the math yourself. If you need help translating all this from the perspective of your school’s grading policy, why not head over to the office of the registrar or student services? They should be able to help you. With regard to grades in individual courses, you should be raising this issue with each of your professors.
    Good luck!

  110. Hello, Sneha,
    1. You should anticipate sending whatever academic records you have. Different universities will have different policies, but you aim is to provide the college in the US with as much information about your academic past as possible.
    2. Generally you do not do the conversion yourself. The colleges have the responsibility of learning about the policies and styles of marking at your current university. One possibility, though, is to share information about those policies and styles with the receiving university. If, for example, there is something printed or on the Indian university’s website about grading policies, print it out and include it with your application. Don’t make a conversion yourself: let the receiving university do that.

    Good luck with your application!

  111. Honestly, each college may have their own ways of “standardizing” grades and GPAs. But they likely do not really try to standardize a system for which there is no real standard. The student will be judged within the context of her school: if the school reports percentages on the transcript, they will use those without “converting” to a 4.0 scale. When looking at a transcript, they want to know how well your daughter performed in relation to her peers at her current school. They will not attempt to make a direct correlation of her GPA with the GPA of a kid at a swanky private school on the East Coast or at an urban high school in Detroit. They will compare her with her peers at her current high school.
    So don’t worry about the conversions–even though you may worry that there is no “standard.” Remember, admissions is an art, not a science. And the American education system, as you know, is woefully lacking any sort of national standards. Maybe we should–as a nation–be less resistant to national standards? Food for thought….!
    Thanks for writing in.

  112. Hi, Sam,
    If you’re a Cornell, then you are certainly capable of doing this math. Algebra, man, algebra. If in doubt, talk to the professor in your class.
    One thing to point out: as at most colleges, your professor is inflating grades. If he was not, then a C would be the “mean grade.” Consider yourself lucky.
    Good luck on the exam!

  113. Hi Mark,
    I would appreciate your reply for the following question.

    Can you please name at least 1 or 2 universities / schools who provide courses for Students from India with 3 year degree, to get a BS degree in the same discipline.

    I am holding a 3 degree (B.Com ) from India and want to get a 4 yr Degree in Commerce with minimal course work.

    Any help / pointer is highly appreciated.


  114. Hi Marc

    I would really appreciate your advice. I am a medical doctor from India. My Medical School used percentage system. My average percentage in the total four and half years was 70%. It looks really modest but actually I was always one of the top 5 students (total 64 in batch) throughout the course. The reason for modest looking percentage is that in most medical colleges in India even the topper can only usually acheive a maximum of 75 – 80%

    I am planing to apply to American Universities for further studies and when I started researching these conversion tables, it is worrying me as the GPA translated from these tables definitely do not accurately reflect my achievement in college

    I would be grateful for your advice

  115. Hello.
    You need not worry so much. First off, graduate programs in the US know that every country’s system is different. Americans may sometimes be parochial, but our universities have welcomed international students for many, many decades. I would not worry about conversions. But if your medical school has some sort of information about how grades are awarded in that school, and what percentage of student attain what result, that might be helpful to include with your application. Also a recommendation from a college official that highlights the fact that the a 80% mark is outstanding would help alert the reader of your application to the differences. Of course, the reader already will be alert and will be experienced, most likely. But hedge your bet by providing information–not direct conversions.
    Hope that helps.


  116. Dear Sundar,
    Thanks for your question If I understand what you are asking, you want to know of schools where you can pursue a second bachelors degree, having already completed one. If that is right, I can only reply with another question: why would you want to do that??? It’s expensive and redundant.

    My brother, who has been in business for himself for years, would tell you that if you want to be in business, set up a business. Be in business. No need to get an MBA. Set up a business for yourself. Learn business while making money for yourself, rather than pay someone else to teach you business so that you can work in a cubicle somewhere making money for someone else.

    And if you really want “minimal course work,” then what, really, is the point? Just to have another set of letters after your name? I’m sure that looks nice on a business card, but those letters don’t put money in the bank, do they? From the way you put your question, you want a degree but not an education. In my view, that’s backwards. Plus, the return on investment would stink, especially if you invest in an American BA degree. Would you really want to pay US$100,000 (or perhaps double that) for some letters?

    Sorry to be a bit hard on you; maybe I am misunderstanding your question. But if you really want to know, there are probably plenty of universities in the US that would be happy to take your money for a second 4 year BS degree in business. The economy is hurting right now…at least in the US. Finances are tight, and perhaps your money will help them make their budget.

    It’s interesting: we read here that India is the land of opportunity….!

    Best of luck!

  117. hello
    i graduated in Iran , my average is 15 out of 20 ,im applying for Malaysia ,they asked CGPA /percentage. how can i convert my grade to Malay grade system?
    thnx alot

  118. Hello, Mitra. I’m not an expert on the Malaysian system, or am I an expert on the Iranian system. But unless the Malaysian university requires you to make this conversion, I would submit your marks from Iran just as they are. If you can include an explanation of how grades are calculated at your Iranian school (especially if it comes on official school letterhead and is written and signed by a school official), this will really help. Don’t try making the conversion yourself. If in doubt, just talk to the Malaysian university directly.
    Best of luck!

  119. Hi, Mr Mongomery
    i am currently a freshman in a public high school and i wanted to ask you a question about something you said earlier, ” You will be judged within the context in which you are educated.” i realize you said this in reply to someone living in France but is it possible the same rules apply here in the US? i came from Ellicott City MD where i would have gone to a private blue-ribbon school and i moved to Mechanicsburg PA where the schooling isnt as good…so basically imm asking would colleges look at me differently if i came from some unprestigious school in the middle of nowhere or if i came from Philips Exeter Academy?

  120. Hi, Matt.
    The answer to which you refer would be the same for students in the US: you are judged in the context in which you are educated. As you make choices at Mechanicsburg, you want to find ways to challenge yourself as best you can. In some rural districts, you might want to check out the dual enrollment options with your local community college. If your high school does not offer a lot of AP or even honors courses, you want to find ways to create that challenge for yourself. Of course, there are limits as to what you can do. But if school is too easy, then it’s up to you to read beyond the syllabus and/or find opportunities to enrich your own learning. Still, you will be judged by the standards of Mechanicsburg: if few rigorous courses exist, make sure you take them all! Also, take heart in the knowledge that not everyone from Philips Exeter gets into their dream school: they essentially compete with one another for top schools. So actually, excelling in Mechanicsburg may set you apart and give you a slight advantage in some things!
    I hope this helps.

  121. hi mr. montgomery

    I really messed up in high school i got a average gpa of 1.9 . all my life i got all A’s untill high school when my dad sister died then both my grandparents died different years in high school, that is no excuse as for me to get these horrible grades but i do believe it caused me to get some of them. i am extremely smart and was planning on going to a community college and get nothing but A’s in all my classes and i need to know two things first is if i get a’s can i get into a school like M.I.T or caltech and second should i go to the community college for 1 year or 2 years i only want to go for 1 year but if i should go for 2 years to get into M.I.T or somewhere else like it i will. Thanks

  122. Hello, Darius,
    The nice thing is that in the US you are always given a second chance. I think the plan to attend community college is the right one. With your GPA the way it is, I’d recommend two years, but that sort of depends on where you want to go. Whether you will get into MIT or CalTech, I’d have to say it is doubtful, though not completely impossible. Having the AA with excellent grades, a record of participation, some solid recommendations, and some other accomplishments along the way will help give you more chances at more schools. But MIT and CalTech accept few transfers, and even fewer who have not had the very rigorous training in the sciences from the get-go (which will be hard to do at community college–you’ll have trouble finding classes that are analogous to those offered in the first two years at CalTech or MIT). My advice is to focus for the rest of your senior year on getting excellent grades (don’t wait until you graduate), and then do really well your first year of CC. Then take stock, ask around, and see what your options are. That will be your next fork in the road. But for now, just keep going down your path, seeking excellence, and when you get to the fork your choices will be more clear.
    Good luck!

  123. Hi,

    Thanks for your useful information. I have a question regarding my GPA. My BSc and MSc grades are 15.83 and 16.44 out of 20. (in Iran). I have used grading system of India for an equivalent GPA: 3.5 for BSc and 4.0 for MSc. Are these GPAs correct? If not, how can I calculate the real GPAs? My BSc rank was 3rd among 30 students.

    Best regards

  124. hi, What about if the university has different system to calculate gardes, for example in our university we have this type of grade:
    A+ = 80-100
    A = 70-79
    B+ =60-69
    B = 50-59
    C = 45-49
    D= 40-44
    F = 0-39

    can you tell me how to calculate GPA?
    thank you

  125. hi, i have 87/100 in percentage grades(college) here in mexico,,,what is my GPA?? ive herad a 3.3, 3.4 or even 3.2, ,, do i stand a chance to u of miami, u of texas and g washington university.

    i am a transfr student.

    thanks a lot

  126. Hi

    I am student from India. I would like to know how to gpa from a scale of 10 to a scale of 4. My University grades us relatively.


  127. Hi.
    You do not need to translate your GPA. The colleges in the USA will do this for you. Do not attempt to do this yourself. If you do, your attempt is likely to decrease your chances for admission.

  128. Hello. Do not translate your GPA. Colleges and universities in the US will do it for you. They will judge you in your own context in Mexico, and they will be familiar with the grading systems in Mexico. Again, do not attempt to make this conversion on your own, or you are likely to weaken your application.
    Good luck.

  129. Hemin,
    You calculate the GPA the way your school does. That is what will be reported–along with the explanation you provide. Different places do it differently. There is no single standard.
    Thanks for writing in.

  130. How exactly do you know what your gpa is and how do you calculate your grades to get your final gpa what is an a b c or d worth.

  131. An A is worth 4 points, a B is worth 3 points, a C is worth 2 points and a D is worth 1 point.

  132. Hello, Hossein,

    I cannot understand why you would use the Indian system as the equivalent of the Iranian educational system. Your “real GPAs” are those offered by Iranian institutions. You should not try to translate them. Just give them to the American institutions (or report your rank as top 10% of your graduating BSc class). Making up equivalents on the 4.0 scale is something left to credentialing services like World Educational Services (WES).

    Good luck.

  133. Hello,

    I am transfering to a university in Colima Mexico. Do I need to figure the conversion before registering? they function on a 10 pt scale as well. Or does the school handle that like in the US.

  134. Hi, Angie,
    The Mexican university should be able to handle this. Do make sure you have good contacts in the registrar’s office in your current university, should you need to have the two universities connect and communicate. Also make sure you have official copies of your transcript with you when you go down there in signed, sealed envelopes. Don’t try to make the translation of GPA yourself, but do be a good advocate for yourself–and one who is well-prepared. You might also want to print out the official grading policies of your current university and have copies of that on hand, too.

  135. My son is a ninth grader who is taking the following honor classes: Adv. Geometry, Living Environment, Global History Pre-AP. He is also taking Italian and regular English. His unweighted GPA is 3.3. We debate over the fact that maybe he should drop of one his honor classes to try and help raise his gpa. He is involved in a sport every season (track & field and cross country). He made varsity track as a 9th grader. He plays in his school’s orchestra (violin since third grade). He is also involved in the SADD club (which is students against destructive decision making). He wants to keep his classes. But is this the way to go given his gpa is at a 3.3?

    Thank you for your advice.

  136. I currently have a 2.2 university gpa in canada and am going back to the usa to transfer to a university in my home state. what would this gpa translate to???

  137. HI, My Gpa is 3.3, can i get into a good Architecture school with that? or do i need to improve it?

  138. Hi, Kevin,
    I’d need more context to be able to help you answer the question definitively. However, architecture school–as an undergraduate–is very competitive. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that. Good luck, and study hard!

  139. Hi, Diane. Your question is an important one, and one that is difficult to answer with great specificity without understanding all the circumstances. Your son should strive for balance. He should also play to his strengths. He should challenge himself as much as possible, but if he is getting grades of C routinely, then perhaps he needs to pull back in that subject in order to succeed more. There is no hard and fast rule. Balance. I’d also make sure that his extracurricular involvements were not having a negative impact on his academic performance. More balance. Easy to say, difficult to achieve.
    Best regards.

  140. I’m from India, and I have a UG percentage of 75.5. But the course is challenging and the highest score is 82.5. In calculating GPA, do they consider the relative position as well as difficulty of course, or do they just see my “absolute” value of 75.5?

  141. I just received a copy of my official transcript. I am in a school following the American System and I am in grade 10. In all my previous report cards I have received a 4.0 GPA. I was surprised that in my transcript it says my GPA so far is a 3.74. Do they count the percentages of all your courses for your transcript, but not your report card? And does it matter if I have a high A or a low A for my GPA?

  142. Your transcript, should it hold the average of the percentages of all your courses or is it just your average GPA?

  143. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your advice about my ninth grade son and aiming for balance. One point of clarification…with a 3.3GPA (3.7 weighted), he has solid B+ in each class however, is this not good enough as of course a 90+ always looks better? Despite his solid B+’s in the accelerated classes (coupled with extra curricular activities) should he forgo one or two accelerated classes and hopefully if the work is less demanding he can pull 90+ average in some of his core classes? His feeling is these classes push him more and I feel will better prepare him for college, but maybe this is not the way to go given his GPA?

  144. I currently have a 2.6 as a sophmore. My parents are conserned that i wont be able to get into a good college. I dont have a lot of time because i play sports all year round(football,wrestling,track). I was just wondering is it really possible to get into a good college for architecture with my gpa?

  145. Quinton,
    Architecture is very competitive. Grades are super-important. Your parents have a valid concern. Playing sports is great, but if the sports get in the way of your academics, well, that’s a problem. College is about academics, not about athletics (unless, of course, you are a top Division 1 player, in which case things are different).

    But here’s the rub: what is a “good college”? You will find colleges that will accept a 2.6 GPA. But that’s not the sort of GPA that any college is going to beat your door down (“please, Quinton, you’re so smart and capable…won’t you please come here to study?”). A 2.6 means that you have quite a few C grades on your transcript, and not a whole lot of A grades. And if you take out the fluff (like gym and arts and business), is your “core GPA” really a 2.6, or something lower than that.

    The bottom line is, Quinton, is that colleges want to see you doing well in school. It’s nice you are doing well on the playing field and the wrestling ring. But ultimately what college you attend will depend much more on your grades than on your sports. Sorry to break it to you…!

  146. Your transcript will have all of your courses on it, and your GPA will be calculated from all your courses.
    Hope this helps.

  147. Hi.
    Each school may calculate your GPA a bit differently. I’d have to look at the transcript myself in order to interpret what is happening. Sorry not to be of more immediate help.

  148. Kartik,
    Admissions people will look at the entire context of your scores, including the difficulty of the course.
    Hope that helps a bit.

  149. hi in the indian cce pattern of grades i have a 9.6 on 10 how do i convert this into a score more acceptable to us colleges.

  150. How do you calculate a GPA when you are graded quarterly and then get 2 semester grades and a final year grade? My private school does not calculate GPAs nor do they do class rank. I’ve read that you should not include arts courses (which is not really fair since many kids find singing or playing an instrument easy while other struggle with it; same for photography or visual arts). Would you include electives like 1/2 semester classes in geology, oceanography, forensics, micro and macro economics? Or do you leave that out of your GPA as well? Should you stay in a regular class and try and get an A? Or push for an AP class and get a B but a 4-5 on the AP exam? My school has a rigorous process of essay, teacher rec, and B+ in all 4 quarters to advance to the AP level. The AP exams look easy compared to the classes we take.
    Any advice would help. I am also in the Global Scholars Prg at my school & will graduate with distinction. How important are summer activities. We are having financial difficulties, so I can’t take the programs I would like to over the summer. I have great outside activities (I don’t do sports as I focus on my academics but do get involved with organizations like the UN, State Dept, Int’l Olympic Committee, town newspapers). Thank you so much!

  151. My high school uses a 7point grading scales. 93-100 is an A. 86 to 92 is a B. etc. All A’s are then assigned a 4. B’s a 3. Etc. I feel this in unfortunate for me because most schools assume an A to be 90 and above. Could you tell me what my GPA(4.0scale) would be if my school had 90 and above to be an A? My GPA is a 3.2 on our scale.

    Thanks soo much!

  152. hello Mr.Mark

    i am an American diploma system in Egypt , my SAT Score is 1700/2400
    my SAT Subject Test Score is 1380/1600 distributed on Biology/Math
    and i likely going to have around 3.9 GPA so can i Know how to turn them into percentage !! because here for pharmacy college which i hope i have the percentage for it needs me to have 108% so is this scores enough ?

  153. In the chart above, it seems as though the A- level should be 90-92% in order to be in keeping with the pattern for B and C range grades. Also it seems that the B- should be 80-82% (since 83% is already included in the B level).

  154. Hi, so i am a rising senior , my junior year was absolutely the worst year im in the international bachelorette program and i have an unweighted GPA of 2.98 and a weighted GPA or 3.98. i do A lot of extra curricular activities and am either vice president ,secretary or hold some kind of position in them. I am also captain of my field hockey and soccer team do you think i could get into a good college or any college as a matter of fact. i very worried and i hope i get time to raise my GPA before deadlines

  155. Hi, Karen. Your despair is palpable…but chin up. All is not lost. You are a good student working hard. I’m sorry the 11th grade year wasn’t better, but you’ll be rewarded by many colleges. Will you be competitive for the top 25 most selective colleges in America? Probably not (though your test scores still mean a lot, and it depends on which activities and how high your level of accomplishment in them). But are there fantastic colleges that will be eager to accept you? Absolutely! If you need help to identify which ones make the most sense for you (both in terms of admission and in terms of financial aid, should you need it), give me a holler. We work with students from all over the US!
    Best of luck!

  156. Hi. You should not convert. The American colleges and universities will do this for you. DO NOT make any “conversion” or translation of your official school documents. Messing with these documents can only hurt you.
    Hope that is helpful. Best of luck!

  157. Hi, Diane. Your son is making the right choices. It’s hard to see our smart kids get lower grades than they might in other classes. But as you say, we are preparing him for what comes next. To dumb it down in order to get an A really doesn’t do him justice in the longer run. We want to set him up for long term success, not just for “getting in” to this or that place. Keep your eye on the long term. It can be hard sometimes (I know…I am a father of a high school kid). But it’s the right thing to do.
    Best of luck.

  158. Hi, Amir,
    You can’t turn all of this into a percentage score easily on the US system. I can’t tell if you are seeking to enter pharmacy school in Egypt or the US. If in the US, everything will depend on which university you are applying to.
    Hope this helps.

  159. Christian,
    Colleges will see how your school grades when they read the school profile. Admissions officers will then take this discrepancy into account as they calculate/evaluate your transcript. Don’t worry. Admissions people are used to seeing these disparities.
    Good luck.

  160. Hi,

    Suppose I get 75 % in my ISC (INDIAN SCHOOL LEAVING EXAM) what would my GPA be. And what does unweighted and weighted mean?


  161. Hi, Alan. Your GPA is whatever marks you received from secondary school…apart from your school leaving examination. You do not need to worry about the difference between unweighted and weighted, as you are not being educated in the US system–this is a unique characteristic of US secondary schools. Do not try to translate or convert your Indian school marks or exam results into something resembling a US GPA. Colleges and universities in the US will know how to interpret your academic record. Hope this helps.

  162. Hello Mark,

    We’ve just run into an issue with the order with which the steps for calculating GPAs taken.

    After the student completes the course a numeric grade is calculated based on the 0-100% scale. From that using the particular school’s criteria the grade is converted to an A-F grade. Those letter grades are assigned points and in this case lets say 0-4. Those points are then weighted, added and averaged.

    I’ve just witnessed that with the wonders of modern technology, the schools are skipping the conversion of each class to a letter grade and the conversion from the letter grade to its assigned point value. They are totaling the numeric grades(0-100% scale) for all the classes, and then averaging to end up with a numeric average for all of the classes and grades. They then convert that percentage to the 0-4 scale.

    The latter process one might contend is more accurate, however this will not give the same results as method used before the reliance on computerized grading systems.

    If you were to just take the transcript as I did, assign those letter grades based upon the school’s criteria and average, you will end up with a different GPA than the computerized calculation from the class numeric grade.

    We calculated a 3.0148148…… GPA from my son’s letter grades on the transcript yet the school had a 2.93!

    B- or B? This is probably a very unique case where one is above 3.0 while the other is below but it can be critical if he is applying for programs requiring a 3.0 minimum.


    So, has this been an issue elsewhere?

  163. What is the top 25 of your class? What would your gpa be then in order to be in the top 25 just curious

  164. Hello Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and I have passed a 2 years bachelors of commerce degree. So, I have completed 14 years of education and I want to apply in undergraduate program as a transfer student. I want to ask that how can I make an approximate about the percentage into GPA? as you said, I am not converting in my documents, but just calculating on calculator for my own knowledge. Because each college requires different GPA. For instance, if a college requires GPA 4 but my percentage converted into GPA by that college is less than 4 eventually how would I know? So, I want to make an estimate before applying to colleges that I can get admission to.
    For instance, If my percentage into GPA is 3, I would not bother applying for a college requiring a GPA 4.
    Thats what I want to know. I hope you would help me.

  165. Miranda,
    It depends on the size of your class. You are in the top 25% if you are doing better than the bottom 75%. In other words, if your graduating class is 200 students, you would have to be one of the top 50 in order to be within the top 25%.
    Thanks for writing in!

  166. Hi, Gigi.
    You raise a lot of questions. I’ll tackle the one about how to calculate the GPA. Take your semester grades, convert to numbers, then tally them up and divide by the number of semester courses you have taken (or the number of grades you are adding). This is how you do an average of any type…add and divide. Anything that is an academic core course you may including things like geology and economics.
    To address your other questions, everything is important on your application. It all counts. How it is all weighed is not a scientifically answerable question. But it will all be considered by most colleges with holistic review processes. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  167. Dear Zee,
    I’m not able to answer your question without knowing more. The best thing you can do is estimate where you fell in your current academic class. Are you in the top 10%? 25%? 50%. That is a rough guess of what colleges will want from you. The top tier will want you in the top 10% or higher. The next tier is fine with the top 25%. And so on. You have to look realistically at where you fall, academically, within your own context in Pakistan. That is how you will be judged. The GPA numbers are irrelevant to you.
    Hope that helps a little bit.

  168. Dear Steve,
    You have discovered that the GPA is a little statistic that can have thousands of slightly different variations, depending on what is calculated and how. My only words of wisdom are these: it doesn’t matter all that much. The fact is that the grades teachers give–upon which the averages are based–are themselves rather arbitrary and subject to manipulation. This process of evaluating student performance is woefully flawed, and cannot be done on a scientific or statistical basis. And colleges don’t do it. Up to a point, the GPA provides a guide to relative performance: how well is one kid in one class (or one school) doing against another kid in the same circumstance. Colleges do not compare one kid with a 3.0148148 with a kid with a 2.93 and say, categorically, that student 1 is better than student 2. They have taken different courses at different schools, so we have to put the numbers into some other sort of context. Colleges do this all the time, and they do it pretty well–if imperfectly. So don’t worry so much. Just let the numbers stand and know they are imperfect. They provide a ballpark guide–that’s all.

  169. hello , i’m from iran and i plan to apply for US. universityies this fall … my sat 1 score is 2350 and sat subject test scores are 800/800/800 (math1&2/physics) and my IBT(toefl) score is 115 out of 120 and i also have delf(a1/a2/b1/b2) french proficiency tests which make me eligible for immigration to canada or france but the problem is i studied in the best school of iran which had diffrent system from other schools in iran and our exams are much harder than others so my grades are not really good ,i got 18.5 out of 20 and i don’t know what my gpa would be in US. … but the question is, i plan to apply for ivy leagues universities such as Harvard ,do you think i have a good or strong chance ???

  170. Hi, Tina,
    You are clearly a great student. Don’t worry too much about your grades at this point. You would be seriously considered by top universities in the US. So give it a shot. However, the most highly ranked universities are not necessarily going to be the best for you. If you’d like help with your applications, please let us know. We work with students from all over the world. Best of luck to you!

  171. Hello. I am a senior student right now and my GPA is 3.4. I want to become a surgical assistant. I was wondering if I can get into Washington State University with a 3.4 GPA?

  172. Is this right?
    I have keyboarding, honors english, honors math, honors science, honors social studies, and art. current grades are 92, 95, 100, 91, 95, and 99. I’m coming up with a 3.87GPA. Honors in my school is a 5.0 for A, 4.0 for B and so on.

  173. Hi guys!
    I have my BA from University of Tehran With GPA 16.60 out of 20 and graduated from DU. having plan to apply in the US. the university I want to study in, asked me to evaluate my educational background using WES. As you know it costs and I want to know what the evaluation system is and how it works. How do they evaluate the educational records?
    Does any one know how to calculate GPA by Swedish grading system and how to convert Swedish grading system to 4 scale GPA?
    with best wishes

  174. Faith,
    Many schools use a different grading system than the 4.0 scale. Your school seems to use a 5-point scale. This is more unusual, but not unheard of.

  175. Ehsan,
    WES uses its own expertise and understanding of many national systems to write a comprehensive report to American universities about your academic performance. Again, they will know the Iranian system and be able to put your grade of 16.60 in the context in which you earned it. I would say that you are actually better off paying this expense in order to ensure that the US college is completely aware of your academic performance.
    Best of luck.

  176. Melanie,
    Glad to know you have your plans mapped out. Your GPA is relatively good, and WSU will probably take you seriously. But it will also depend somewhat on other factors. Have you already applied?
    Best of luck.

  177. hello i have completed my bachelor in medical lab technology .i have got 3.26 gpa out of 4 .what percentage will it be?

  178. Hi, Pranita. It’s dangerous to try to make these “translations” from one national system to another. Strictly speaking, I’d estimate your percentage at about 88%. But that is not something I think you should put on paper. Only put what the university gives you as your result.
    Thanks for writing in.

  179. Hi Mark,

    I have a 69% in BE engineering in computer science Aggregate from India.. What woudl be the GPA here in US


  180. hi, my school have a 5,0 scale ( i am from Colombia) and i will like to know if i have to convert all my undergraduate grades to a 4,0 scale in order to apply for a graduate program in an U.S.A university.

    thank you very much

  181. HI,
    I am 17 years of age. a junior in high school. I want to play baseabll at orange coast college near costa mesa california. I have no clue how to get started wit this college or what it takes to get on track.


  182. Hi, Juan.
    You do not need to convert. Just submit your transcript and school records as they exists in Colombia. If the university in the US requires more information, they will let yo know.
    Best of luck.

  183. Hi, Luke,
    Here is the admissions page for Orange Coast College: . I also encourage you to just contact the admissions office and just talk to them. They’ll be quite happy to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the coaches, the admissions people…they don’t want to make your life miserable–they want to give you a hand, if they can. So give them a call!

  184. hello Mr.mark,

    could you help me in estimating , what would 7.69 / 10 in INDIA be in USA’s 4.0 scale ?
    In INDIA we don’t use the term High School, instead it’s called intermediate for a term of 2 years after 10th grade.
    So how can we calculate GPA for all the four years 9, 10 , 11 & 12 which is not a continuous pattern. Defining for each subject and getting a final value for GPA is somewhat frustrating ?
    U already said submit your score as it was….given by your country
    but how could i compare myself with others in a different scale…?
    I got 94.6% in my intermediate and 81.3% in my 10th grade.

    i really appreciate , if you could roughly estimate my scores with 4.0 scale
    could you find a way ? or suggest ?
    Thank you.

  185. Hi, Bailey. At the risk of sounding silly, your GPA is a 101.75. Not all high schools use a 4.0 scale. Most do, but not all. So your school will report your GPA as it is calculated at that school: 101.75. I presume that this is out of 100%, with some weighting for honors level courses. So your GPA is pretty high. But it’s also important to put your GPA in context of your class rank. You might want to investigate some posts on my site that explain the importance of class rank. Anyway, it sounds like you’re a good student. Good luck to you!

  186. I am looking to apply to a decent school such as NCSU or UNC Chapel Hill. With a 3.8 UNWEIGHTED GPA, can I get into a decent school like these? I Also have a few extra-curriculars, and am a captain of the baseball team.

  187. Hello, DJ.
    If you are a NC resident, the process and the guidelines for admission to NCSU or UNC Chapel Hlil are pretty straightforward: you need the grades and the test scores, primarily. If you are not a resident of NC, then getting into UNC-Chapel Hill will be much more difficult, as the overwhelming majority of students are from North Carolina. I can’t really predict your chances with any certainty. But an unweighted GPA of 3.8 is very good! I’d be interested to know what sorts of courses you have taken in high school.
    At any rate, i wish you the best of luck.

  188. hey mark my school in portsmouth new hampshire has a seven point grading scale as in A+= 98-100 A= 95-97 A= 93-95 B+=90-92 and so on. my gpa is a 3.35 unweighted with a few honors classes and i know that you cannot get in to the best schools with a GPA like that… Do colleges know that my school grades differently? and if so is there a system they have to put me on an equal playing field? i also have plenty of extra curriculars and play 2 sports

  189. Hi Mark, My daughter’s school works on an A, B, C scale and most classes outside of AP’s are considered “honors”. It’s a Junior/Senior school and some of what she took in 7th and 8th grade were high school classes (ex. Spanish 1 in 7th grade). Will colleges use these classes when re-calculating GPA? A counselor at her school just sent us this: “Amanda’s weighted GPA is 4.39 – her core weighted GPA (academic core courses) is 4.46. Amanda’s weighted rank is 13/158, but she is #1 in unweighted GPA” Apparently, they use the for calculation purposes which from my research, leaves out a number of classes. Will a college admissions counselor (outside of Florida) really re-calculate what is sent by a school? I’m concerned b/c Amanda wants to go to school outside of FL & will need to get merit aid.

  190. Hi Mark,
    I’m currently a High School Sophomore.. My grades haven’t been that good considering Medical conditions. My first semester grade was a 79.45 and my second semester was an 83.14. My third semester just ended and I am left with a 69.14 average because I was in the hospital. What grades will I now need to achieve to get a decent GPA? I want to go to a good college and study Psychology..

  191. Charles,
    Your medical condition will be a factor in your applications. You cannot wipe away your performance, but you can certainly explain it. Your challenge will be to choose educational paths that make the most sense, given your circumstances. You can certainly go to a “good” college: the challenge is determining what is “good” for you.
    Let us know if you think we can help; we work with other students in special circumstances that need help guiding both the choices and the applications. Good luck!

  192. How does one translate an odd grading system to the standard 4.0? For instance 12.0=4.66. How does one then go on to translate, say a 4.07 to a regular 4.0?

  193. How do I find out what my GPA is? My University uses a 4.0 GPA scale. Human Disease is a 2 credit course and I got 87.1%, PT Intervention Technique is a 5 credit course and I got 87.2%, Kinesiology Principles is a 2 credit course and I got 89.1. Could you please explain to me how I figure out my GPA? Thank you very much!!

  194. Hi Mark,
    I graduated from WSU, Pullman, USA in Fall 2011 with degree in Mechanical engineering (cumulative GPA: 2.86/4 and major GPA: 3.31/4). How do i go about calculating the percentage equivalent of both the above mentioned grades. I need an official medium/agency that can do this so I can produce the requirement documents to prospective employers.

  195. Hi Jackie,

    It is difficult for us to determine your GPA without viewing your entire transcript. You should be able to calculate it using the scale in the blog post.

    Katherine Price

  196. hi, i would ilk to know how to convert my existing GPA( 4.0 scale) to a 5.0 scale.

    thank you so much

  197. Hello,

    Can you tell me how to convert 5.0 GPA scale to percentage grade?

    Thank you

  198. My current gpa is a 76.647 and I pass all my classes with a 80,80,89,80,78,74,72, this year…please tell me

  199. Daniel,
    It is impossible to calculate your GPA with only partial information. From the grades for this year, your GPA is a 79.
    Hope this helps.

  200. Hi, Erica. Sometimes it’s difficult to make clean calculations. We’d need more information about how your 5.0 scale is constructed. There are simple mathematical solutions, but we’d need to know more about your school’s grading policies. Why do you need to convert?

  201. Hi Derrick, thanks for your comment. The short answer is yes, colleges are typically aware of the grading policies at the high schools. Colleges usually have admissions representatives that cover a certain territory so they become familiar with the schools and their curriculum. In addition, colleges are typically provided witha school report and profile from your high school counseling office that describes any different grading systems so the college can review the transcript accordingly. Hope that helps!

  202. Hello,

    It is difficult to do a straight GPA conversation without additional information on the scales being used. If you would like to provide us with more information, please feel free to contact us at: +1.720.279.7577

    Katherine Price
    Senior Associate

  203. Hello,

    If you need an official agency to calculate your GPA, I recommend you check out World Education Services. They mainly do international gpa conversions, but they may be able to recommend someone that can help you.

    Katherine Price
    Senior Associate

  204. Hi Ravely, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, without seeing your transcript – or knowing the specific scale your school uses – it is difficult for us to say what your GPA is at this time. If you would like more information about our services you can call +1.720.279.7577.

  205. If your GPA is 94.1667 on a scale of 100, then this would be considered an A range grade. Different colleges will calibrate it differently, so your number on a 4.0 scale would be anywhere from ~3.7 to a 4.0.

  206. Hi,
    My grades, as of right now, are 96, 94, 96, 98, 97. What would my Grade Point Average be on a 4.0 scale? I’m not sure if I’m REALLY calculating it right, and I can’t believe it’s THAT high*. Sorry. Can someone help me with this? Thank you!

    (* as high as it says I have when I try to calculate it)

  207. Hello, I am from India and i haven’t been provided any GPA to Percent Conversion. I have got 2.1/4 in which 1.6 ie. D- = 50% which is the lowest.
    My overall cgpa is more than 2 to get my graduation certificate. So how much did i score in respect to percentage and from where can i make a official chart to show my scores.

  208. Hello,

    Your high school will need to provide the colleges that you are applying to with information on how your grading scale works at your school. They should then be able to interpret your grades into the US system in order to compare your performance with other applicants.

    Katherine Price

  209. Hello,

    It is difficult to calculate your GPA without full knowledge of the grading scale at your school. Just in general, it looks like you would have a 4.0, if all of your grades are an A and not A-.

    Katherine Price
    Senior Associate

  210. I need to kow the formula to convert grades into grade points. For instance we are on the 4 point scale. An A si worth 12 points. So what would 1.68 be?

  211. Hello
    My name is Helly Diaz and my family and I just relocated to Aiken, SC from Vienna, Austria after six years overseas. My children attended an international school which offered the PYP/IB program. My oldest daughter just started the 11th grade at South Aiken HS and her counselor is having a hard time converting her IB grades ( 6s &7s) to the US grading system.

    IIs there a standard way of converting them without the standard ratio procedure (7=4,etc)

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    With best regards,

    Helly Diaz

  212. Hello, I currently have a 3.4 GPA on the 4 point scale and was wondering what exactly that would be when converted to a percentage? And is this the scale that most Canadian universities use to convert American GPAs? Thank you!

  213. Hi Lauren, thanks for your comment! Each high school does grading differently and also weights grades differently. As well, Canadian universities have a unique process so I would encourage you to check directly with the colleges you are considering in Canada so you get the most accurate percentage. Best of luck!

  214. Hi Helly,

    I don’t think there is any standard way to convert the grades from IB to a US system. You may want to see if their is a local high school with an IB program in your area that can offer any insights.


  215. Hi, Annabell. As this post points out, not every school treats grades the same. However, a 3.7 is usually considered the the dividing line between an A- and a B+ If your school does it differently, that’s cool. But how does the college to which you may be applying see it? That is perhaps, the more important question. Some high schools are actually eliminating the “+” and “-” from the transcripts. This is nice when the grade is an A-. But not so great when it is a B+. As in everything in life, win some, lose some!
    Thanks for writing in.

  216. That depends on the policies of your college, which should be available on the college’s website.
    Best regards,

  217. Well, it’s a pretty good GPA, that’s what! Depending on the grading system in use, it’s just shy of an A-. A 3.7 would push it over the edge. Of course, ad 3.8 would be even better. But then again–you already knew that, Max. Thanks for writing in!

  218. Hy I don’t really know how to calculate my grade…am having 1 A I don’t know weds is A+ or – (which is A1)u , threeB3 ,2c6, 1c4, and 1 c5 …pls help me will i calculate or whats the percent

  219. Hello, Mina.
    I have to apologize. But your question just isn’t very clear. I cannot follow your meaning. Perhaps you can try again?

  220. Hello.

    I saw in a separate thread that my GPA may be artificially inflated due to electives and other, non-academic subjects.

    If I take my unweighted total GPA, I am on the cusp of a 4.0 (92%) however, if I only include my core classes, I have slightly below a 3.5 GPA. Is this a critical factor? Will colleges refuse to accept me if this is my core, unweighted GPA?

    If it is at all relevant, I am taking two honors courses, and for my sophomore year I will be taking a significantly more strenuous curricula (5 AP, 1 Honors) you may remember my post. If not, I would be glad to offer a link.

  221. Hello.

    I saw in a separate thread that my GPA may be artificially inflated due to electives and other, non-academic subjects.

    If I take my unweighted total GPA, I am on the cusp of a 4.0 (92%) however, if I only include my core classes, I have slightly below a 4.0 GPA. (89%) Is this a critical factor? Will colleges refuse to accept me if this is my core, unweighted GPA?

    By the way, this is calculated according to the college board GPA scale.

    If it is at all relevant, I am taking two honors courses, and for my sophomore year I will be taking a significantly more strenuous curricula (5 AP, 1 Honors) you may remember my post. If not, I would be glad to offer a link.

  222. I’m in an Indian CBSE board school. Here, we’re not given percentages. We’re just given grades with upper and lower limits. For example,
    A1= 91-100
    A2= 81-90
    B1= 71-80
    and so on, all the way up to E.
    I’m trying to figure out the equivalent American GPA just for personal interest. How would I go about trying to calculate it? Would I take the upper limit or the lower limit percentage for my grade?
    Taking a hypothetical situation, if I got all A2’s, then would I have an unweighted GPA of 3.3 or 3.7?
    Thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

  223. Hi, I am a High School teacher.

    The 4 point grade scale was designed according to the standard distribution curve, most commonly known as the “Student’s t-distribution” curve, with grades grouped corresponding to standard deviations.

    Montgomery’s conversion table – like many others I have seen – is based on a linear correspondence model. The 4 point system is NOT linear so the correspondence is not correct; I find this type of conversion model to be rather simplistic.

    This discussion points out that grading in the USA should be standardized at the national level because most colleges admission policies use linear conversion model like this one that tend to discriminate against some students because their high school grading system is not converted correctly.

    Thank you.


  224. My son has a 76 average in his weighted gpa finishing his junior year. What is his gpa and what will he need to get a 2.3

  225. Hi, I wanted to know if it matters if I have four regular classes and one honours class??? Or just my percentage matters?
    Thank you

  226. Hello, we were just graded in terms percentage. for example, 60.3, 57.5. How do you work out this. These performance is out of 100 and want to know the GPA out of 4. Am in Kenya. Thank you

  227. Hi
    I’m an Indian engineering student and have completed my BE with 60% aggregate…what will my GPA be?…according to the chart it’s D…which is obviously very bad…please advise what can I do? In this case…cause now good university would take me 🙁 and in India…an average percentage of 60 is too good…

  228. in my school 80% is an A+ because any one who gets a 50% in my schools exam would get at least a B- in WAEC

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