How To Get Off The Waitlist

Now that all the college acceptances are out, there is still one question that often perplexes students:

How to get off the waitlist of their dream college

And the answer is…..

It’s not easy.

The truth is that colleges have very large waitlists. But if you’re serious about getting off the waitlist, you might do the following:

a) Write to them, expressing your great interest

b) Even better, visit them. I have heard of a girl who got off the waitlist at Wake Forest when she visited the college and impressed the admissions dean. Even though they really had no room for her, they accepted her. It didn’t hurt that she had was not asking for any financial aid.  Which leads me to my next point.

c) be prepared to pay fully.  As in, don’t ask for any financial aid.  Colleges are notorious for only taking “full pay” students off the wait list.

d) And finally, why not consider one of those schools who did accept you?  Chances are, you will be just as happy there!


Juliet Giglio

Educational Consultant

Published by Mark Montgomery

Mark is a leading educational consultant. His experience as a professor, college administrator, and youth mentor help him guide students from around the country and around the world.

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