Meeting with Admission Counselors in Your Hometown

The travel season for admission counselors is well underway.  These brave admission professionals travel for weeks on end in the fall, all to visit prospective students and their families.  Some will visit up to 5 or 6 schools a day and do a college fair or conduct interviews at night.  The time they spend with students on these trips is very important.  So, if you intend to meet with an admission representative who has ventured to your area, here are some tips to help make the meeting worthwhile:

Tip #1:  Find out if someone is coming to your school

Get out the list of colleges you plan on applying to and call the admission offices to find out if there will be a representative coming to your school.  You may also be able to find out from your guidance or college counseling office.

Tip #2:  Take advantage of other opportunities

If they are not coming to your school, but will be in the area, find out when and where.  Ask if there is an opportunity to meet with the admission counselor for an interview.  See if they plan on conducting an information session at their hotel.  Ask if the counselor will be at a local college fair.  There are plenty of opportunities to see an admission counselor even if they are not planning on visiting your school.

Tip #3:  Plan ahead

If the admission counselor is visiting your school, make sure you plan ahead.  Find out if you will be able to get out of class in order to meet with them.  Talk to the teacher of the class ahead of time and make sure to ask what material you will be missing.  If you can not get out of class, contact the admission counselor directly and see if there are any other opportunities for you to meet while they are in town (see Tip #2).

Tip #4:  Making the most of the high school visit

When you meet with an admission counselor, it is important to be prepared.  Follow the advice we have previously posted in “Dance with an Admission Officer” and “The Art of College Fairs”.  Be prepared to have a conversation, ask detailed and specific questions and just be yourself!  They are looking forward to getting to know as much as you are looking forward to learning more about the school!


Katherine Price

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  1. I agree 100%! Many schools even offer opportunities to meet counselors 1-on-1 while they are in your area … outside of the busy college fair or abbreviated high school visit. My university offers regional interviews, information sessions, webinars, and online chats in addition to personal visits. I’m sure many colleges do the same. Check their web sites for details!!!

  2. Thanks for you comments Gil! When I was an admissions counselor, I loved meeting with students on road! It is such a great opportunity for both the students and the counselors!


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