One-on-One College Planning Services

We offer three different packages of all-inclusive college planning services. The Premium Package is our most popular offering for families of 10th and 11th graders. The Elite Package is best for students aiming for the most selective schools, and suits students from the 8th grade and up. Our Senior Package is best for students in the final year of the college process.

These packages are described in detail below.

Premium Package

This college planning package is for families who want strong guidance in every aspect of the college selection and application process. Our priority is to find the “best match” between the student’s needs and preferences and the offerings of colleges and universities.  Students who elect this package may be interested in top colleges, but are driven primarily by finding the schools that match their interests.  This package is excellent for the family seeking merit-based scholarships to reduce the cost of their student’s college education.

Our “Premium Package” includes all the following college planning services:

  • Unlimited contact between family and counselor by phone or email. 
  • Creation and dynamic revision of a list of selective colleges and universities that best fit the student’s academic, social, personal, and financial needs, preferences, and ambitions, with considerations of admissions chances. Directions on how to research schools on the list.
  • Discussion of strategies for how to reduce the cost of college.
  • Assessment and recommendations on class choices, extracurricular focus, community service, employment, and internships.
  • Strategies for how to approach standardized testing and its role in the admission process
  • Creation of a detailed list of activities and guidance on how best to present the student’s accomplishments on the application.
  • Guidance on and strategies for getting the best recommendations possible.
  • Advice for getting the most from campus visits.
  • Preparation for admissions interviews, including a mock interview.
  • Personalized strategic application timeline to plan for each section of the application, and to help students meet deadlines and stay organized throughout the process. 
  • For athletes and artists, basic guidance and advice with regard to athletic recruiting, fine arts portfolios, and performing arts auditions.
  • For students with learning differences (e.g., ADHD, dyslexia, and other language-based differences), basic advice and guidance for selecting appropriate schools, communicating with university offices, and reporting differences on applications.
  • Brainstorming and editing assistance for personal statement for the Common Application, with unlimited numbers of drafts. 
  • Brainstorming and editing assistance to finalize up to five additional essays, which may include: supplemental essays required by some colleges, additional information essays, scholarship or honors program application essays, or essays for schools not using the Common Application (e.g., University of California). Additional essays may be added at additional cost. 
  • Complete line-by-line review of the applications prior to submission.
  • Help in determining which school to attend after all acceptances have been received. 
A parent shares the value of the “Premium Package”

Elite Package

This college planning service takes the most holistic approach and best suits families aiming for the most competitive colleges and universities in the US. It is also perfect for families simply desiring an extra level of personalized guidance. Students receive additional substantive strategic guidance on how to craft an appealing application, as well as tactical advice on essays, supplements, communications with colleges, and interviews to improve chances of admission. Most notably, this package provides assistance with a larger number of essays and writing supplements. These supplement are key differentiating factors in the applications to the most competitive institutions.  

The Elite Package includes all the college planning services in the “Premier Package,” plus the following:

  • Unlimited contact between family and the private college counselor (email, phone, teleconferencing, face-to-face meetings)
  • Substantive strategic guidance to improve a student’s chances to enter the most selective universities in the United States (e.g., Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and the top 25 liberal arts colleges)
  • Regular check-ins and sustained guidance on developing the student’s academic and extracurricular profile.
  • Individualized guidance, research, and identification of appropriate summertime opportunities to amplify the student’s record of achievement.
  • Strategic advice and guidance to complete up to 10 winning applications, including all the additional or supplemental essays required by those applications (with a maximum of 25 total essays).  Note that the student may submit more than 10 applications, and that assistance with additional essays is available at an additional cost.
  • Guidance in submitting applications across multiple platforms (up to 3), including the Common Application, the Coalition Application, the Universal Application, the University of California, Apply Texas, or other state “flagship” schools.
  • Assistance with additional scholarship applications when required by the university, as well as applications to honors programs (up to 2)
  • Help in addressing deferrals in the early application rounds to increase chances in the regular rounds (including how and whether to apply Early Decision 2) by brainstorming, structuring, and editing communications with the admissions office.
  • For students put on a waiting list for admission to a top choice school, we assist in improving chances for getting off that list and being accepted, including brainstorming, structuring, and editing a personalized response.
A parent discusses the benefits of the Great College Advice “Elite Package”

Senior One-on-One Counseling

For those students who seek personalized assistance with the final pieces of the college application process, this package is for you!  Students who know where they are applying when they come to us receive the following college planning services one-on-one with an advisor:

  • Refinement of the student’s existing college list based on the priorities, preferences, and aspirations of the student and family, ensuring fit and balance  (“reach,” “target,” and “likely” schools). Includes assessments and a session to establish student criteria.
  • A full review of all student information and documents pertinent to their application process, including: transcripts, test scores, resumes, list of colleges being applied to, etc.
  • A session where the consultant provides advice and guidance on the student’s overall application process approach, gives suggestions for improvement to increase chances for success, provides list enhancements, and answers questions and concerns posed by the student and family. 
  • End-to-end guidance for the primary college application essay with brainstorming, revising, and editing until the essay is completed to the student’s satisfaction.
  • A session with the student to guide them through the application inputs for one application platform (e.g., Common App, Coalition App, etc.)..
  • An application management tool that provides the student with an overview of the deadlines and requirements of each of the schools on the student’s college list (up to 10 schools) to help the student manage time and effort in the most efficient way.

Unsure about which package to choose? Start with our introductory “Roadmap to College” service.

This one-hour, 360-degree analysis of your current situation and future prospects will help you determine the way forward. Keep in mind that families who elect to begin with the “Roadmap to College” will be able to apply the cost of that service to a comprehensive college planning service package. This allows families to learn more about us and ensuring that we are a right fit for their student before committing to a package.

Starting with the “Roadmap to College” will also allow us to help you choose the package that is the best fit for your student. For more information about this package, please click here.

Need more focused college planning services? Click here.

If you feel that these comprehensive college planning services do not fit your needs, you can review our focused services, including the creation of a personalized college list, the development of a winning college essay, and more.


To learn more about our college planning services, please click here, or contact us right away for more information (we offer a limited number of these full-service college planning packages).

Or if you are ready to get started with private college counseling, you can complete our initial meeting questionnaire.

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