Educational Consultant on Bates 5 of 5: A Unique Scheduling Program

Mark talks about Bates College’s 4-4-1 scheduling program.

Educational Consultant on Bates 4 of 5: An Outdoorsman’s College

Mark talks about the outdoor opportunities offered by attending Bates College.

Educational Consultant on Bates 3 of 5: A Welcoming Community

Marks goes to the campus of Bates College to talk about its long-standing ethos of diversity and tolerance.

Educational Consultant on Bates 1 of 5: The Senior Thesis / Capstone

Mark visits Bates College to talk about its required senior thesis and capstone projects.

You’ve Applied Early to College, Now What?

When students apply early admission to a college, it can be tempting to wait until December 15th before working on other college essays…

Are SAT and ACT Tests Really Essential for College Admission?

As a follow-up to our series on standardized testing and test-optional colleges, you might be interested in this video by a father-daughter team who are acting out against the SAT.  If you like what they have to say, you might sign their petition at     SAT + ACT = Unfair + Biased? from […]