SAT, Score Choice, and the Business of Standardized Testing

Today’s edition of Inside Higher Ed presents an excellent analysis of the College Board’s new policy allowing students to select which of their SAT scores they’d like to submit to colleges. Ostensibly, this new policy is to alleviate the stress of taking the tests, and to give more power to students in the admissions process. […]

Carnival of College Admissions, 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of College Admission.  The Carnival is a biweekly round-up of interesting blog posts related to the transition from high school to college. I’ve had many folks contact me asking what a blog carnival is, and why they should consider submitting posts to each edition.  My friend, Peter […]

Baylor Pays Students to Retake the SAT–Proving That Rankings Drive Policy

Just a couple of weeks ago, the National Council for College Admissions Counseling issued a report calling on colleges to reduce the importance of standardized scores in the admissions process. But as long as public rankings of colleges and universities, such as those issue by US News & World Report, it’s unlikely that colleges will […]

Colleges Discuss the Inherent Weaknesses of ACT and SAT Tests

The big show at last week’s conference of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling was a report by NACAC examining the role of SAT and ACT tests in the college admissions process.  Essentially, the report called upon colleges to look more carefully at the role of these tests, and called into question their true […]

National Counseling Association Considers Value of SAT & ACT

The National Association for College Admissions Counseling is releasing a report this week to coincide with its national convention that questions the importance of standardized testing in the college admissions process. For the first time, NACAC takes the stance that standardized testing may not, actually, be essential in evaluating candidates for admission, and encourages colleges […]

Socio-Economic and Racial Disparities Reflected in SAT Scores

It it no surprise whatsoever that black and brown students score lower on standardized tests than their white and yellow peers. This fact is one more indicator of the “achievement gap” between minority students and white students in the United States. (For more on this, see the article from Inside Higher Ed). Some analysts are […]

Colorado College: The Downside of Success and Selectivity

An article on the front page of today’s Denver Post is entitled, “College Admissions Miss ‘Risks,‘” highlights the problem of up-and-coming colleges unwittingly bring on themselves as they become more selective: the student body becomes smarter, more capable, and more homogenous. By every measure, Colorado College has become more selective. More and more students are […]