Educational Consultant Explains Importance of College Study Spaces

When touring a college, don’t forget what you’re going there to do: study! Mark shows some different types of study spaces in the library of Seattle University.

Educational Consultant on the Philosophy Behind Jesuit Schools

You don’t need to be Christian — or religious at all — to attend a Jesuit school. Mark explains the expectations and requirements of these great colleges.

Educational Consultant on Choosing a Major in the United States

Must you choose a college major before applying for university admission? Not at the University of Washington. Mark explains in this video.

The Ups and Downs of Ivy League Admissions

A recent post in the New York Times illustrated which Ivy League universities had more applications this past year, and which ones had fewer. Which college came out on top?

Rejected at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton & Yale? Happy April!

April is the month of rejection from Ivy League universities. With college acceptance rates at all time low, it’s important to keep your focus on what’s really important in life.

Make a Good Impression In Your College Admissions Interview

As part of a continuing series on nailing the college admissions interview, Mark offers some tips on how to make a good impression.

Your Objectives for the College Admissions Interview

Mark continues his tips on how to nail the college admission interview by explaining the student’s objective in preparing for admission.

Roadmap to College Admission–Burlington High School

Mark will present a talk on college admission, scholarships, financial aid, and college applications to students and families of Burlington High school in the Boston area.

Grades and GPA Don’t Necessarily Reflect Knowledge

Does your GPA reflect the knowledge you gained in a class? The answer, according to an article recently published by the Association of Middle Level Education, is probably not. Teachers rely on grade point averages for the sake of simplicity, not because these averages reflect mastery of material.

How To Write The Perfect College Essay–Paint A Picture

What makes a painting come to life? Details! So it is with your college essay. You need to paint a picture that includes interesting details that make your story a pleasure to read.