Grinnell College–Amid the Cornfields Lies A Global Liberal Arts College

Looking for a liberal arts education of the highest caliber? Check out the one surrounded by Iowa cornfields.

Out-of-State Public Universities–A Good Idea?

Today’s issue of Inside Higher Ed has an article about public universities eager to boost revenues–and head count–by recruiting out-of-state students. Many public universities are facing deep budget cuts, and some are hoping to make up their revenue shortfalls by recruiting out-of-state students.   The article expresses many doubts that this will be a good strategy […]

Choosing the Right College Curriculum–How Much Choice Is Right For You?

I recently toured several colleges in New England, including Amherst and Hampshire Colleges in Massachusetts, and Bennington and Marlboro Colleges in Vermont.  These visits brought home the fact that students do have choices in the sorts of curriculum they would like to form the core of their academic experience in college. The core of college […]

In Defense of Large University Endowments

The Los Angeles Times ran an opinion piece today written by Anthony W. Marx, the president of Amherst College, in which he eloquently defended independent decision-making by independent colleges.  In the past year or so, Congress has had its knickers in a twist about the rising value of college endowments at some private colleges–even as […]