Stressed About College Applications?

Going through the college application process can be extremely stressful.  You may feel like it as taken over your life.  As with any stressful life situation, it is important to take a step back and gain some perspective every once in a while. One reason you may be stressed is because you are on information […]

The Elusive First Line of the College Essay

Thousands of college seniors are struggling with the elusive college essay. For a lucky few it is easy to come by.  Words just begin flowing and before you know it, your personal statement is done.  For the majority of students, writing the perfect essay can be a grueling and stressful process.  The pressure for it […]

Buy, Steal, or Cheat Your Way Into the Ivy League–Secrets Revealed!

Some folks are desperate.  And desperation is the mother of capitalistic invention. A new online company peddles “verified” student applications to Ivy League institutions. offers Ivy-aspirants the opportunity to put in a bit of data about themselves, then matches the student up to a set of applications to your preferred institution.  Allegedly, these “verified” […]

Transfer Process: Life Changing or a Big Hassle?

I recently reconnected with one of my former transfer students via a social networking site. I assisted the student with the transfer admission process at the institution I used to work at and he sent me one of those rare emails where a student reminds me why I wanted to become an educator. He raved […]

Five Essential Tips for a Perfect College Essay

Writing about ourselves is one of the most difficult tasks we are called upon to do.  Ask any adult who has written their own résumé.  It can be hard to crow about your accomplishments, in part because we know that it’s not nice to brag. Essays aren’t about bragging.  They are an opportunity to bring […]

Getting Started on Your College Admissions Essay

Writing about oneself is difficult.  Really difficult. But write about yourself you must.  So you may as well get started.  But how? Most students start with the five prompts offered by the Common Application.  Essentially, these boil down to the following: A person who has influenced you An experience that reflects your personality in some […]

An "AMAZING" Educational Consultant

As my seniors are gearing up for their freshman year, I sometimes get letters from parents thanking me for helping their kids through the college admissions maze.  I received this note the other day.  Sure is nice to hear that I made a difference. I made the very wise decision to hire Mark Montgomery to […]

Holding College Chiefs to Their Words

The Wall Street Journal came up with a neat trick: asking college presidents to write essays from the application to their own college. Tough assignment!. The results were reported the other day in an article entitled, “Holding College Chiefs to Their Words”. It’s a good read, and a helpful tonic to high school juniors who […]

University of San Francisco: Jesuit, Urban, and Diverse

I visited the University of San Francisco last week.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, but the wind was brisk.  Despite the chill in late April, I was able to get a good introduction to the campus and is programs. 1.    First off, USF is an urban campus.  It is located in the heart of […]