Post Graduate Year for Young Men–An Extra Year to Prepare

I recently spoke with Jennifer Gaworski, Associate Director of Admission at Bridgton Academy about the benefits of taking an extra year before college.  This practice is not altogether uncommon in the northeastern part of the US, where many students make a decision to take an extra year of secondary school to continue to develop themselves […]

College Admission Visit to Millsaps in Jackson, Mississippi

I spend about 20% of my time touring around the country getting acquainted with colleges.  Millsaps College had been on my list for quite some time, in part because Loren Pope raves about it in “40 Colleges That Change Lives.” So when a trip to New Orleans to participate in a board retreat for the […]

GAP Year Abroad–A Great Way to Prepare for College and Learn About the World

I recently attended a GAP year fair to learn more about the growing number of excellent programs for students who want to take a year out between high school and college to pursue something different. Some students engage in community service, some travel the world, and some opt for another sort of educational experience. At […]

Bennington College: Creative, Self-Directed, Intellectually Serious Alternative

I recently spent a gorgeous spring afternoon on the campus of Bennington College in southern Vermont.  The campus is a lovely mixture of colonial architecture and internationalist modern styles, and 650 students are proud to be known as a relatively off-beat, alternative, and artistic bunch.  Like Marlboro, Bennington does not offer traditional majors, but requires […]

Marlboro: Quirky, Offbeat, Intellectually Serious Community

I recently visited Marlboro College in southern Vermont.  Many colleges claim to be unique.  Marlboro merits the label. With only 320 students, Marlboro attracts students who want to take charge of their own intellectual development, who want to live in a quiet, rustic environment, and who are serious about getting involved in a tight-knit community. […]

Accepted or Rejected? The Envelope Please….

Today is April 1st, the day by which colleges and universities across the land must tell their applicants of their decision:  accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. I was interviewed by the other day regarding my opinion about how students should handle the prospect of being rejected to their first choice school. You can read what […]

Wanna Get Into College? Show the Love!

Even in the economic downturn, many of the top colleges are still inundated with applications. Some colleges, like Williams, have experienced a decline in applications. Still, the desks of admissions officers are piled high with file folders containing the applications of qualified candidates–many, many more than they can ever accept. I wrote a very popular […]

Colleges and Universities React to the Economic Crisis: Gnash Teeth, Wring Hands…and Repeat

In a pair of pieces appearing this past weekend in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, two journalists illustrate that this admissions season perhaps will be the wackiest ever. Not only are students sweating over whether they will be accepted or rejected, colleges are facing the same anxieties: will enough students say […]

Liberal Arts Colleges–The Educational Advantages

During my recent visit to Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, I asked the director of admission, Mathew Cox, his views on the advantages of a liberal arts education. Here is his response. Mark Montgomery College Consultant Widgets Technorati Tags: college, liberal arts, admission, small, selection, choose, choice, decision, Millsaps, Jackson, Mississippi Tags: college, […]

Millsaps College–Distinctive Features and Admissions Priorities

I recently visited Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, to find out for myself why this small, liberal arts college is included in Loren Pope’s book, 40 Colleges That Change Lives.  I was able to spend some time talking to the director of admission, Mr. Mathew Cox. This short video highlights three distinctive features of Millsaps.  […]