More Cool Assistive Technology: Draft:Builder 6

For students who have trouble transitioning from brainstorming to writing, Don Johnston offers an assistive technology called Draft:Builder 6. It breaks down the writing process into three steps: brainstorming, notetaking, and composing the first draft.

Documentation: Six Core Elements

To receive accommodations at the post-secondary level, documentation must demonstrate that your student has a disability as defined by the ADA and Section 504. Today’s blog outlines six core elements to help you review your current documentation.

Are You a Match? Interviewing Staff at the Disabilities Services Office

At the post secondary level, the sole purpose of accommodations is to give your student the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course curriculum by minimizing or even eliminating the impact of a disability. The bottom line? Be proactive in knowing where to go and what services are available.

Getting to Know the Disability Services Office

For families of students with learning differences, one really important step in determining if a college is the fight fit is contacting the Disability Services Office. Initially, this relationship will center around documentation.

Compatibility & the Disability Services Office – Do you need it?

Given that self-advocacy is equated with success, establishing a positive relationship with a college or university needs to be a top priority. So, over the next couple of days, I’ll talk about how to go about establishing a relationship with the Office of Disability Services.

Choosing the right college location: How independent are you?

Yesterday, I began this series with a general introduction to how students with learning differences can begin their search for the right college. Today, we are going to focus on location, location, location! Moving away from home can be challenging for all students regardless of whether or not they have a learning disability.  However, some […]

Students with Learning Differences: Getting Started with the College Search

Some students yearn to “be like everyone else,” to not stand out.  They spend energy and effort in trying to make it without any special accommodations. Some students succeed, although typically at considerable cost in time and energy. Others simply fail.  Some students spend lots of time worrying if their grades are deserved or if […]

New Expertise in College Planning for Students with Learning Differences

For Immediate Release Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Heather Creech has joined the firm as a specialist in helping students with learning differences in their transition from high school to college. Ms. Creech has 17 years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and reporting language and learning problems in Colorado public schools.  As […]