Juniors, College Fairs Are Right Around the Corner

Spring college admissions fairs are headed to your community! Here are five tips to help high school juniors prepare.

How To Find Out If A College Is a Suitcase School

A recent NY Times article  mentions that according to a 2012 end of year survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles 39% of first year students at less selective campuses said they had gone home frequently. As the article indicates, this is a concern at regional campuses and is a […]

Working In College Part 2: Where To Find Student Employment

When considering taking on a job in college it is important to understand the different types of work environments you might encounter and how to find those jobs.

Working In College Part 1: Five Benefits To Working In College Besides Just Making Money

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Am I Accepted, Or Not? Why You Should Read Those College Emails Carefully

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What Not To Wear: The College Visit

Planning a college visit and not sure what to wear? Here are some tips for what NOT to wear.

How Will You Receive Your Admission Decision?

If you haven’t received your admissions decision yet, don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox.

Ask Yourself What You Want To Do For Summer Now

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This is The Time To Work On Honors Program and Leadership Program Applications

Thinking about participating in an honors program in college? This is the time to start working on those applications.