Land-Grant Universities Consider Restructuring to Cope Budget Crisis

Public universities, including the land grant universities, are being hard hit by the economic downturn. An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today (registration required) reports on a survey of the members of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. Sixty of the 87 responding institutions say that they have experienced cuts to their […]

M.I.T. Considers Increase in Student Body by 300–and Swears It's Not About Revenue

During rough economic times, it’s hard to get at the reasons college make policy changes. According to Jacques Steinberg in today’s New York Times, M.I.T. is considering an increase in the size of its student body. On its face, this is simply a move to return the campus to the size it was back in […]

Colleges Cut Costs By Cutting Sports

Yesterday I mentioned that the economic downturn has affected faculty recruitment at many universities, including the University of California system. Thus budget cutbacks are having a negative impact on the educational experience of students. Universities are also cutting sports–or at least slashing their budgets.  Very few NCAA sports programs break even, and even fewer make […]