Juliet Giglio Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting, Heads California Office

Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Juliet Giglio, M.F.A. has become a Senior Associate with the firm and will head up the Los Angeles office. Juliet is an Ivy League graduate who knows how to turn an academic experience into a performing arts career.  A professional screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild […]

Budget Woes and Blows to the University of California System

The University of California system is taking a beating due to the sagging economy and the state’s budgetary woes (the state really needs a new constitution or a major overhaul of the map of its legislative districts–which is a textbook case of the evils of gerrymandering). Most commentaries have focused on the access to the […]

Menlo College: A Tiny, Focused Business College in Silicon Valley

Last week I was able to visit Menlo College in Atherton, California.  I was part of a tour organized by the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Our tour began with a fine lunch in the dining hall—where the food is organic and the head of dining services has a commitment to serving local products, when possible.  […]

St. Mary's College of California–Solid Liberal Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Yesterday I was glad to be able to visit St. Mary’s College in the Bay Area of Northern California.  As regular readers know, I spend a lot of time visiting colleges, and every time I think I’ve seen it all, I’m reminded of the huge variety of colleges in this country.  St. Mary’s has several […]

University of San Francisco–an urban, Jesuit college in the Bay Area

I seem to have been visiting quite a few Jesuit colleges lately.  I tend to like them for a lot of reasons. I need to write a post on Jesuit colleges generally.  But first, I offer this bit about the University of San Francisco, which I was fortunate to be able to visit yesterday as […]

Value Universities for the "Rest of Us"–A Difficult Claim To Maintain

Today a reader called me out on my decision to focus in a recent post on the Top 10 Value Colleges as identified by the Princeton Review (Kiplinger’s has a similar list, about which I also wrote about).   My reader made the point that public universities can be a better deal, and that the […]