College Admission and Foreign Policy: Chinese Students in America

Mark points to a story from Foreign Policy magazine, in which he was quoted about the new wave of Chinese students studying on American campuses.

Educational Consultant on Picking a School: Consider the Surroundings

Mark advises students to consider the surroundings when picking a college.

An Educational Consultant’s Thoughts on Vassar: a Very Liberal College

Mark visits Vassar College and talks about some of its more left-leaning tendencies.

Educational Consultant Defines the Ivy League

Mark reminds us of what the Ivy League really is.

Affordable, Expert College Advice You Can Trust

All college-bound students want and deserve expert college advice. Now quality college

Need a Chinese Name? Get One at Great Chinese Names!

If you’re traveling to China as a student, or  if you are looking for assistance in developing a Chinese name for your company, you might want to talk to Ding at Great Chinese Names.  He is professional, responsive, creative, and friendly.  He’ll give you a hand to ensure that the name you choose doesn’t sound […]

Educational Consultant to Speak at American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong About College Admission

Mark Montgomery will deliver a presentation on college admissions to the American business community in Hong Kong.