College Admission and Foreign Policy: Chinese Students in America

Mark points to a story from Foreign Policy magazine, in which he was quoted about the new wave of Chinese students studying on American campuses.

College Admissions Coach Visits Caltech

Mark visits the California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, to discuss this incredibly exclusive school.

Educational Consultant to Speak at American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong About College Admission

Mark Montgomery will deliver a presentation on college admissions to the American business community in Hong Kong.

For Admission to a Top University in the USA, Which Is Better–a Chinese Mom or an American Mom?

If you want to attend a top American university, which is better, a Chinese mom or an American mom?

Chinese Say That Williams College Ranks Higher Than Harvard and Princeton

The Chinese are discovering liberal arts colleges…finally. Most Chinese have never heard of Williams, and have little idea about what the liberal arts are all about. But things are changing.

Chinese Students and Beloit College–The Case for A Liberal Arts Education

In researching notable Chinese people who have attended liberal arts colleges in the United States, I came across this honors term project written in 1993 by a student at Beloit College, entitled (appropriately enough Chinese Students and Beloit College. Written by Xinwei Cai, this article is thorough study of Beloit’s history of interaction with China, […]

Chinese Students Pursue A True Liberal Arts Education in the USA

A new book written by three Chinese undergraduates now attending liberal arts degrees at American colleges highlights the many advantages of smaller colleges for Chinese students and their families who hope to study in the United States. The book, written in Chinese, aims to educate Chinese families about schools beyond the Ivy League and the […]