Lehigh University Plans Building Boom as St. Joseph’s College Closes

Lehigh University aims to grow, while St. Joseph’s College closes its doors.

Elements of a Good College Fit, Part One: Academics

I recently bought a pair of shoes. I’m hard to fit. I have small feet for a guy (7.5). My feet are pretty wide. And they pronate, or roll in when I walk. Add to the fit issue, I’m pretty picky. Not just any shoe that fits will do. I have to actually like the […]

Emerson College–One Woman’s Story

Periodically I ask friends, colleagues, and acquaintances about how they chose the college they attended. Each story is unique, and I think they help provide some perspective to today’s high school students (and their parents) on what is important in the college selection and admissions process. Today’s story is from Laura Zurowski, who struggled to […]