Educational Consultant on Religious Colleges

Mark speaks about the options for religious students searching for colleges to attend.

Looking for a Strong Christian Identity? Hope May Be the Right College for You!

Hope College in Holland, Michigan, is a small liberal arts college of about 3,000 students on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Its strong Christian identity and strong academics make it a good choice for the right student.

Religion and the Decision About Which College to Attend–The Example of Muhlenberg

Should you avoid schools with a religious affiliation if you don’t ascribe to that religion? Not necessarily. Take the example of Muhlenberg.

What is a Jesuit Education? Why Attend A Jesuit University?

One of the distinctive features of the American higher educational system is its infinite variety.  There is a college for everyone. One group of universities stands out in its dedication to the liberal arts and to the education of a person’s mind, body, and spirit.  The Jesuit universities share a mission to create well-founded individuals. […]