Elite Colleges Take More Students from Waiting Lists

This was a brutal year for admissions to top colleges. The applicant pool was larger than ever before. Harvard and Princeton did away with their early decision programs. Many elite colleges, including the Ivies, Lafayette, Bowdoin, and Stanford, announced generous new financial aid policies. And many colleges increased the size of their waiting lists, in […]

Carnival of Family Life Up and Running

The newest edition of the Carnival of Family Life is up at All Rileyed Up.  Check out all the really cool posts.  My favorite post this week is So Sexy, So Soon, in which the author talks about the sexualization of young girls.  It’s a great (but somewhat depressing) post over at Telling It Like […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Is It Really An Important Statistic?

Student-to-faculty ratios are generally considered to be an indicator of the quality of the educational experience at a college. The lower the ratio, the more personal and intimate the experience ought to be. And yet some colleges have very low ratios and enormous class sizes. Plus, these statistics are easily manipulated by campus administrators. But […]

Carnivals, Old and New

The latest edition of the Carnival of Education is up today at the Elementary Educator, and it’s full of interesting posts, as usual. In addition, the third edition of a new carnival, the Carnival of College Admission is up. I’m happy to see this Carnival get going–so happy, that I’ll be hosting it next week. […]

Changes in How US News Calculates Rankings

US News & World Report’s infamous rankings system may include new sorts of data, according to an article today in Inside Higher Ed. They may add survey data collected from 1600 high school counselors, who are being asked to rate colleges on a scale of 1 to 5.  This data may–or may not–be used in […]

Eight Tips For Handling Rejection in College Admission

Forbes.com recently did a series of articles on the aftermath of the college admissions season, and looked at how kids are handling rejection. I was featured as one of their experts in providing tips on how to handle rejection. Check it out; scroll through the slides. This little slide show was an accompaniment to a […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Do These Statistics Mean?

The other day I received this question from a client: Hi, Mark. I’ve been reading college profiles, and nearly all of them cite student-to-faculty ratios, all of which fall in to a relatively narrow range of perhaps 12:1 to 20:1. How important is this statistic in choosing a college? My short answer: not very. The […]

More on Picking the Right College: Large Universities like VCU

I visited Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) last week. It’s a large, public university in a dynamic, urban environment. Some students crave this sort of bustle and excitement. I enjoyed my time on campus, learning especially about its life sciences (a.k.a. biology) and arts programs. Listen to how important it is to find the right college […]

Why Visit Colleges? An Expert College Counselor Explains

My clients are sometimes surprised to learn that I’m out of office so much. I spend about 20% of my time on the road paying personal visits to college campuses around the country. Want to learn more about how these visits can help you choose the right college? Have a look! [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/ax01YSeP27k” width=”319″ height=”262″ […]

Six More Colleges Join the Universal College Application

I learned today that the Universal College Application now has over 60 institutions that accept its online application. This is a good start, and builds upon momentum that I wrote about a while back. I’m glad that the Common Application’s monopoly on online submissions may be ending. And further developments from CollegeZapps may render both […]