Questions To Consider When Making Your Final College Decision: Academics

Are you having trouble making your final college decision? Read our series of blog post on questions to consider as you make your final decision on where you will attend college.

Admission Decisions: The Rejection Letter

So you were not admitted to your first choice college. What do you do now?

Admission Decision: The Waiting List

You have received your college application decision and you have been placed on the wait list. What does this mean and what should you do to follow up with the college?

Admission Decisions: The Acceptance Letter

So you have received decisions on your college applications. What’s next? Read this post regarding next steps for college acceptance letters.

Most Demanding Majors

Which majors are considered the most demanding? A new survey provides some interesting insights into the demands of seven popular college majors.

Best Value in Public Colleges

What do college ranking mean? Katherine Price provides insights into Kiplinger’s recent publication of Best Values in Public Education. What will be valuable to you in your college experience?

What To Do If You Are Deferred

You are not admitted or denied admission to your favorite college. You were deferred. What now?

Applying to USC? Make Sure You Have a Balanced College List

Is USC going to be as competitive as it was last year? Watch Katherine’s video to learn more about what she found out on a recent visit.

Research Opportunities at USC

Is it important to you to have the opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate? Watch Katherine’s video on research opportunities at USC.

The Turkey Drop: What To Do If Your Child Is Unhappy At College

The turkey drop is commonly referred to when a college student returns home for the holiday and announces that they want to transfer. Read our five tips for parents on how to help your college student process their experience and identify resources to help.