Large vs. Small Colleges–Which Size Is Best For Me?

Which is better for you, large or small? To answer this question, think of going to a sumptuous buffet. How much can you eat? What delectable food will you start with?

Connecting with Professors During A Visit to A College Campus

As students and their families organize themselves to visit college campuses, they usually focus on itineraries, on reserving hotel rooms, and on scheduling those campus tours. Only a few, however, consider direct contact with professors during the visit. Why would a visit with a professor be important?

How Good are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses? Are They Worth Taking?

Several recent client questions have centered upon the value of Advanced Placement (AP) tests and their importance in the college admissions process. Conventional wisdom holds that AP courses are excellent preparation for college. They are considered to be rigorous. The general idea is that they are the equivalent of college-level, introductory survey courses. (The Advanced […]

Carnival of Family Life, Newest Edition

Today’s Carnival of Family Life is hosted by Write From Karen.  This Carnival is tremendous.  The wealth of information is overwhelming.  Karen does an outstanding job of organizing the posts. Here are a couple of my favorites: David B. Bohl presents What Can Your Kids Teach You About Technology? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Is It Really An Important Statistic?

Student-to-faculty ratios are generally considered to be an indicator of the quality of the educational experience at a college. The lower the ratio, the more personal and intimate the experience ought to be. And yet some colleges have very low ratios and enormous class sizes. Plus, these statistics are easily manipulated by campus administrators. But […]