College Catalog – A Student’s Bible

Students often overlook the Bible. And I’m not talking about Scripture. I’m talking about the college catalog. You gotta get a copy!

How “Parents’ Weekend” Has Evolved and Why You Should Take Notice

How well do the schools on your prospective college student’s list include parents and family members once your student has enrolled? Do they offer a text messaging alert system for parents? Do they have a Parent’s Association to get involved in? How about involvement with the Parent Fund? Can you get online access to the […]

Campus Safety and The Blue Light Special

Concerned about campus safety? You should be. But don’t think the “blue lights” are so special. They’re not.

Katherine Price Helps a Student Make A Big Decision

Sometimes making the final decision of which college to attend is the most difficult part. Katherine Price helped one student in Colorado make her final choice and the parents where grateful.

Ivy Covered Campus – Can You Guess Where We Are?

Where’s Mark now? Are you looking for a beautiful, Ivy-covered campus on a hill, with harmonious, Georgian architecture, wonderful facilities, and offering a top-notch education? Watch this!

Judging Books By Their Covers–Pretty College Admissions Offices

Admissions offices are the sales and marketing divisions of colleges and universities. Now they are building opulent “welcome centers” to impress prospective students. Caveat emptor!