How Much Should You Be Spending To Get Into College?

Putting your child through college may be the biggest expense you have to consider when raising your child, by far. But you’re committed to making it happen because it’s also one of the most important considerations you will have. And the process starts long before your child’s college career begins. Applying to college has its […]

Can I Make More Than One Version of My Common App?

Wondering whether you can make changes to your Common App after you’ve already submitted it? New Jersey Educational Consultant, Andrea Aronson, explains it all.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Hire An Educational Consultant!

CNN ran a story that talked about moms putting their professional careers on-hold to help their children with the college application process. While these parents felt that becoming the “application manager” for their children was the best solution for their families, cutting down to one income may not be a viable option for every family. […]