How Do Colleges Evaluate Transcripts?

How will your transcript be evaluating? Learn the questions you should ask every college you are applying to about their transcript review process.

The Countdown to Early Decision College Acceptances

Any day now, students will begin to learn if they’ve gotten accepted early decision or early action to the college of their choice. It’s an exciting and nerve wracking time as students and parents wait to see what the colleges decide.

Who to Blame for the Applications Arms Race? The Colleges (and US News)!

Colleges are getting more applications than ever before. Why? Because the colleges want you to think that they are more desirable than they really are. Most families are buying into the myth. But you should not!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Hire An Educational Consultant!

CNN ran a story that talked about moms putting their professional careers on-hold to help their children with the college application process. While these parents felt that becoming the “application manager” for their children was the best solution for their families, cutting down to one income may not be a viable option for every family. […]

Connecting with Professors During A Visit to A College Campus

As students and their families organize themselves to visit college campuses, they usually focus on itineraries, on reserving hotel rooms, and on scheduling those campus tours. Only a few, however, consider direct contact with professors during the visit. Why would a visit with a professor be important?