Four Myths About the PSAT

Did you receive your PSAT scores? What do they mean? This blog post will debunk four common myths about the PSAT and you can learn how to take full advantage of the information provided with your score.

Demystifying the CSS Profile

Financial aid applications can be overwhelming and confusing! Here’s what you need to know about the CSS Profile and the process of completing it on time.

Are You a High School Junior? It’s Time For The PSAT!

The PSAT is a great jump start to your standardized testing preparation for the college admissions process. Not only does it give you the chance to practice for the SAT, it gives you access to scholarship searches, and college information.

There are no SAT Tests in the Summer!

Summer seems like a good time to take an SAT test. Think again….

More Opinions on Advanced Placement

One of our most commented on posts is “Which is Better: AP or IB?” In the post, Mark Montgomery highlights the differences between the two academic programs.  Recently, the NY Times published a piece where five different professionals offered opinions on the expanding Advanced Placement program.  The article states that the number of students taking […]

Hate the SAT and ACT? Me Too, But Colleges Still Love These Tests

Perhaps the most vexing aspect of college admissions in the United States today is the use and abuse of standardized tests.  While there is no solid research to support their pivotal role in determining who is accepted and who is rejected by the nation’s colleges and universities, the fact is that they are a competitive […]

Average SAT Goes Up! and Down!

It’s always fun when two different–and reputable–publications report the same story and lead them with different headlines. The facts: the College Board reported that the average score on the SAT tests last year went down slightly. The averages were 501 for critical reading, 515 for mathematics and 493 for writing. Inside Higher Ed led this […]

September ACT Registration Deadline

Tomorrow is the registration deadline for the September 12th ACT exam.  September is a great time to take the ACT since there is no SAT exam date offered! Still confused as to which exam to take?  Have a look at this explanation of the differences between the SAT and the ACT. Katherine Price Educational Consultant […]