Community Service for the College Application? Look at the YMCA.

Families often ask me for guidance on selecting the best community service and leadership development programs for their students. I recently came across a program organized by the local YMCA in my area that illustrates how easy it really is for students to get involved in community service. However, too often community service is just […]

An "AMAZING" Educational Consultant

As my seniors are gearing up for their freshman year, I sometimes get letters from parents thanking me for helping their kids through the college admissions maze.  I received this note the other day.  Sure is nice to hear that I made a difference. I made the very wise decision to hire Mark Montgomery to […]

Taking Out a Student Loan? Listen To This First!

OnPoint, a radio production of WBUR and NPR, ran a story this past week  called The Dark Side of Student Loans. The featured guest is Alan Michael Collinge, founder of and author of the new book “The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in U.S. History – and How We Can Fight Back.” Publisher’s […]

Choose the Right College Before Tackling the Financial Aid Form

An article the other day in the New York Times highlights the pain of applying for financial aid.  Entitled “The Big Test Before College,” the article raises the issue of whether the intimidating form actually does what it is supposed to do:  measure a family’s financial need. While we all love to hate these “means […]