Judging Books By Their Covers–Pretty College Admissions Offices

Admissions offices are the sales and marketing divisions of colleges and universities. Now they are building opulent “welcome centers” to impress prospective students. Caveat emptor!

Even Colleges Can Use A Little SAT Vocabulary Help Every Now and Then

Everybody makes mistakes, even colleges and universities. Check out Clark University’s Common App vocabulary problem. But remember, to err is human, to forgive divine!

Choosing the Best College For You–Considering Greek Life

Why is it important to think about the prevalence of fraternities and sororities on campus? An elite wrestler explains his perspective in this short video.

Cara Ray, Experienced College Admissions Professional, Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting

Cara Ray joins the Great College Advice team!

Loyola University of Maryland–A Dose of Jesuit Education

A Jesuit education cultivates the mind, body, and spirit. While administered by a Catholic order of priests, Jesuit universities are open and welcoming to all.

Need-Based Scholarships and Financial Aid Explained

Need-based financial aid is an important tool for colleges to attract excellent students of diverse backgrounds to their campuses. This video explains how need-based aid works.

Juliet Giglio Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting, Heads California Office

Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Juliet Giglio, M.F.A. has become a Senior Associate with the firm and will head up the Los Angeles office. Juliet is an Ivy League graduate who knows how to turn an academic experience into a performing arts career.  A professional screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild […]