Recommended Educational Consultant in Denver, Colorado

Who doesn’t love a compliment?  Yesterday afternoon I received a nice note from the mother of one of my clients who was accepted early to Dartmouth.  He’s smart, talented, and fun to hang around.  I enjoyed working with him on his essays.  Apparently, he felt good about the experience, too. Here’s what his mom had […]

A Visit to Stanford

Today I spent a couple of hours at Stanford University.  It was my first visit to the campus, and I was part of an organized tour for college counselors.  We were given a brief professional overview of the admissions process, and then we went on a student-led tour. Here’s a brief overview of what I […]

Changes in How US News Calculates Rankings

US News & World Report’s infamous rankings system may include new sorts of data, according to an article today in Inside Higher Ed. They may add survey data collected from 1600 high school counselors, who are being asked to rate colleges on a scale of 1 to 5.  This data may–or may not–be used in […]