How Should I Write the “Why Do You Want to Go to Our College?” Supplemental Essay? The Don’ts.

Think you know how to write a top-notch “Why our college?” supplemental essay? Andrea Aronson from our New Jersey office, advises students on what NOT to do!

How Should I Write the “Why Do You Want to Go to Our College?” Supplemental Essay? The Do’s.

Andrea Aronson advises do’s and don’ts for crafting the “Why Our College?” supplemental essay.

The Cardinal Rule for Writing a Perfect College Essay

What’s the most important rule for writing the perfect college essay for your college application? Check out Mark’s “cardinal rule”. And find out what a “cardinal rule” is, too boot!

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Why It is Important to Know Your Audience When Writing Your College Essay

Have you ever seen a movie that includes a scene from a college admissions committee? Typically, in the media, admissions counselors are portrayed as older men sitting around a table “judging” admissions essays and applications. In fact, admissions counselors represent all ages, are often from diverse backgrounds, have friendly demeanors and hold a variety of […]

Leave That Texting Lingo To Your Phone When Writing Your College Essay

Do you love to text? That’s great! Save texting lingo for your cell phone, not your college essay.

Don’t Plagiarize Your College Essays-‘Turnitin For Admissions’ Is Watching

As college admissions offices turn to “Turnitin,” an anti-plagiarism service, make sure that you are writing your own college essay and not borrowing anyone else’s words.