Questions to Consider When Making Your Final College Decision: The Perfect Fit

Which college is the perfect fit? Students may want to consider more concrete aspects of a college when making their final college decision.

The Majors of Tomorrow

Do you know what you want to study in college? keep in mind that the college majors of tomorrow – and the careers of the future- are likely to change. How will you prepare yourself?

Seniors, Are You Ready For May 1st?

May 1 is coming up quickly. How are you making your final decision this week?

Food Allergies and the College Search

As thousands of high school students set out to visit college campuses over the next few months, one factor that some students need to seriously consider is how the dining facilities at their favorite schools are handling food allergies. Recently, published an article on the growing number of 18-year-olds who are arriving on college […]

Calculating the Value of a Public Education When Student Services Suffer Cutbacks

Students and parents are looking for value in higher education, and generally most families see their state colleges and universities as providing the greatest value for the price. But with public, taxpayer support for higher education declining with the recession, families may have to recalculate their understanding of value. An article in today’s Chronicle of […]

Value Universities for the "Rest of Us"–A Difficult Claim To Maintain

Today a reader called me out on my decision to focus in a recent post on the Top 10 Value Colleges as identified by the Princeton Review (Kiplinger’s has a similar list, about which I also wrote about).   My reader made the point that public universities can be a better deal, and that the […]

Elements of a Good College Fit, Part One: Academics

I recently bought a pair of shoes. I’m hard to fit. I have small feet for a guy (7.5). My feet are pretty wide. And they pronate, or roll in when I walk. Add to the fit issue, I’m pretty picky. Not just any shoe that fits will do. I have to actually like the […]