Ivy League Early Admissions Statistics for Class of 2021

Check out the early decision acceptance rates of some of the United States’ top universities, including all eight Ivy Leagues.

Is a Particular College a “Suitcase School”? Here’s How to Find Out

A NY Times article mentions that according to a 2012 end-of-year survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, 39% of first year students at less selective campuses said they had gone home frequently. As the article indicates, this is a concern at regional campuses and is a trend and culture that […]

Educational Consultant Keeps Student Organized on Journey to Dartmouth

Ali was a habitual procrastinator. With the help of college admissions expert Mark Montgomery, she got accepted into Dartmouth and couldn’t be happier.

What Is a GPA and How Can You Raise It Quickly?

How do you calculate your GPA for college? Educational consultant Mark Montgomery describes the math behind a GPA and answers one of life’s great questions: how to raise it so you can get into a great college.   Calculate My GPA for College TRANSCRIPT: So It’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and I think […]

Why Choose a Liberal Arts College?

It’s a four-year investment, so you want to get the most out of your college experience. Liberal arts colleges cater to their students with a truly student-focused approach.

Lafayette College – Offering Engineering with a Liberal Arts and International Twist

Lafayette College provides a perfect partnership of engineering and liberal arts

Carnival of Family Life, Newest Edition

Today’s Carnival of Family Life is hosted by Write From Karen.  This Carnival is tremendous.  The wealth of information is overwhelming.  Karen does an outstanding job of organizing the posts. Here are a couple of my favorites: David B. Bohl presents What Can Your Kids Teach You About Technology? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Is It Really An Important Statistic?

Student-to-faculty ratios are generally considered to be an indicator of the quality of the educational experience at a college. The lower the ratio, the more personal and intimate the experience ought to be. And yet some colleges have very low ratios and enormous class sizes. Plus, these statistics are easily manipulated by campus administrators. But […]