Senior Spring-Watch Out for Senioritis!

Senior spring is here, read our tips to avoid Senioritis!

Admissions Practices Chair For Rocky Mountain Region

I am looking forward to serving the Rocky Mountain Region as the new Admissions Practices Chair! What does an Admissions Practices Chair do? Read more to find out.

A Lesson In Demonstrated Interest

How can you demonstrate interest effectively? Here are some tips straight from college admissions representatives.

Reasons To Live With A Roommate You Don’t Know

Consider some reasons for why to live with a roommate you don’t know your freshman year.

University of Nevada, Reno – Hidden Surprises Around Every Corner

During a recent visit to Reno, Nevada for the “SuperACAC” Conference I had the opportunity to join other college counselors on a tour of University of Nevada, Reno.

What Kind of Student is Right for Johnson and Wales University?

During a recent visit to Johnson and Wales University I asked a couple staff members about what kind of student is the right fit for your school?

College Bookstores – Not Just for Books Anymore

Why is a visit to the college bookstore worthwhile during a college visit? Read more to see what today’s college bookstore has in store for you. It’s not all about the books…

Advice for Juniors – Check Out What Local Colleges Offer This Summer

Juniors, have you started planning your summer break? If not, consider spending some time on a college campus. Read more to learn about some of the advantages of participating in one of these programs.

New York University- Are You Thinking of Going to College in a Big City?

Going to college in a big city like New York can be exciting! Hear about how going to college in a city can enhance your learning by taking advantage of all the opportunities but also be aware that it can be a little overwhelming for some students.

Villanova University – Strong Community, Identity and Religious Foundation

Villanova University is a great choice for students looking for a campus with a strong community, identity, and religious foundation.