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How “Parents’ Weekend” Has Evolved and Why You Should Take Notice

How well do the schools on your prospective college student’s list include parents and family members once your student has enrolled? Do they offer a text messaging alert system for parents? Do they have a Parent’s Association to get involved in? How about involvement with the Parent Fund? Can you get online access to the […]

Best MBA, or EMBA Programs for Women, a professional resource site for women, posted a list of their favorite business schools for women.  While the article focuses on MBA or EMBA programs, it is an important read for any female student thinking about an undergraduate business degree.  Business schools that have targeted programs for female graduate students often have similar programs […]

Like a Good Neighbor…

In yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education, a short article commented on a new survey that examined the relationship between colleges and universities and their surrounding towns. The results were presented at the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities and top honors went to the University of Pennsylvania and the University of […]

Calculating the Value of a Public Education When Student Services Suffer Cutbacks

Students and parents are looking for value in higher education, and generally most families see their state colleges and universities as providing the greatest value for the price. But with public, taxpayer support for higher education declining with the recession, families may have to recalculate their understanding of value. An article in today’s Chronicle of […]

Truth Revealed: US News Rankings Mean Nothing–and Everything

Doug Lederer and the folks at Inside Higher Ed bring us a story today of Clemson University and how it manipulates data to help move itself up in the US News & World Report annual rankings. These ranking bug me.  As an educational consultant, I am constantly having to explain that these rankings are at […]

Carnival of College Admission: Lucky 13th Edition

Well, folks, we made it to our Lucky 13th Edition of the Carnival of College Admission.  Hard to believe we’ve been running nearly 26 weeks…almost half a year.  What’s more, this Lucky 13 Edition falls near St. Patrick’s Day, when luck is sprinkled about by those jovial Irish.  So we have a lot of good […]

Choose the Right College Before Tackling the Financial Aid Form

An article the other day in the New York Times highlights the pain of applying for financial aid.  Entitled “The Big Test Before College,” the article raises the issue of whether the intimidating form actually does what it is supposed to do:  measure a family’s financial need. While we all love to hate these “means […]