Comparing Salaries for Graduates from Different Colleges: Part 2

In response to a recently published study by the Colorado Department of Higher Education on college graduates’ starting salaries, the University of Colorado’s president wrote an article for the Denver Post. This blog post explains the president’s criticisms of the study.

Comparing Salaries for Graduates from Different Colleges

If you’re thinking about attending college in Colorado, you may be curious about which colleges produced graduates with the highest starting salaries. A recent report by the Colorado Department of Higher Education collected this type of data.

Are You A Talented Colorado High School Student? Learn About the Boettcher Scholarship

Read more to learn why you should consider the Boettcher Scholarship if you are a talented Colorado high school senior.

Looking To Study Engineering in College? Check Out What Colorado Has to Offer You!

Interested in studying engineering in college? The state of Colorado offers some great choices for you. Listen to Nate Wright, Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the School of Engineering and Computer Science, from the University of Denver as he talks about your different options.

Are You Working on a Boettcher Scholarship Application?

The Boettcher Scholarship selection process is a difficult and competitive one but also an incredibly rewarding experience. Take the time to understand what the Boettcher Foundation is looking for during the selection process.

Feed It Or Starve It? Higher Education Funding in Colorado and Beyond

By nearly every measure, the citizens of Colorado provide less funding to their higher education system than most other states. This fact is sometimes embarrassing for someone who has devoted his career to higher education to see how little it seems to be valued. Then again, what’s to value? As an editorial in last Saturday’s […]

Denver Post Article on College Admission

A front page article in last Sunday’s Denver Post is headlined, College admission gets dose of sanity: Counselors say most kids get into their first-choice school despite anxiety True enough. The whole admissions process is pretty insane, which is why so many students and their families in the Denver area are turning to independent counselors […]