Syracuse University-A College Where It’s Ok To Change Your Mind

During a recent visit to Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY Cara and her tour guide Justin talk about the importance of choosing a college where it is possible to study a variety of disciplines and where it is easy to change your mind and change your major.

Class Sizes and Teaching Assistants at Northwestern University

When choosing a college, it’s important to think about the impact that class size will have on how an individual class is taught. Mark took time out during a visit to Northwestern to explain.

Dear Northeastern University………You’ve Been Nabbed by the Word Police!

English language challenges are everywhere with problematic communications from colleges. This time a letter from Northeastern University gives a student a questionable impression of the school.

Campus Safety and The Blue Light Special

Concerned about campus safety? You should be. But don’t think the “blue lights” are so special. They’re not.