Educational Consultant on Religious Colleges

Mark speaks about the options for religious students searching for colleges to attend.

College Admissions Expert Speaks About Early Decision

Mark advises students to consider a college carefully before applying early decision.

Educational Consultant on Bates 2 of 5: Its Role in Its Community

At Bates College, students have many opportunities to participate in the surrounding community.

Earlham College – It’s the People That Matter

Earlham College is a quality liberal arts college with a strong focus on its people. As with every college, it is the people that create the college experience.

Marlboro: Quirky, Offbeat, Intellectually Serious Community

I recently visited Marlboro College in southern Vermont.  Many colleges claim to be unique.  Marlboro merits the label. With only 320 students, Marlboro attracts students who want to take charge of their own intellectual development, who want to live in a quiet, rustic environment, and who are serious about getting involved in a tight-knit community. […]