The Stress of College Admissions Means We Spend More Time With Our Kids. Good?

The Economix blog at the New York Times reports on a report (can you do that?) that concludes that the reason more and more college educated parents are spending so much time with their kids (when it would seem that it would be more rational for them to use their educations to make more money) […]

Keeping Perspective on Selective College Admissions

Theresa, a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in ages, called me the other day.  We talked for a long time.  Her son is a sophomore in high school.  As his doting mother, Theresa is in a lather about his prospects for college admission. As we hadn’t spoken in quite a while, Theresa asked me […]

How Competitive is College Admissions? Enough to Tempt Parents to Behave Badly

The Chicago Tribune ran a story on Monday about the lengths to which some parents will go to get their darlings into college.  The whole process of selecting and applying to college is certainly stresseful.  And there is no doubt that the competition is fierce. It’s also true that in some school communities, the competition […]

College Applications: They Can Make You Sick

A recent article from the New York Times explored the high levels of stress that high school students are experiencing. It seems that applying to college can be quite nerve-wracking. No kidding. With more students graduating from high school than ever before, with more kids aiming for college than ever before, and with more students […]