Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-25

Interested in working as an educational consultant? # @CollegeChat @Tom8Williams @Russel_Golowin @butwait @ucdavis @ZacBissonnette Great #FF Friends # @ProfessorGary @CollegeSurfing @epsteada @JessicaBonifant @ dorminsurance #FF Friends # Need info about saving money for college? Seminar in Hong Kong: #college #admission #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-18

@dormbuys Thanks for the RT, Deryl. in reply to dormbuys # @elizabethonline I’m so jealous. I used to do a ton of theater. No, no time. Kills me. in reply to elizabethonline # @bhsprincipal Formal writing still critical. Must train to think deeply, analytically, systematically B-4 thinking in tweet memes. # RT @cvharquail: What really […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-04

@lankycrayola you’ll get the hang of this in no time. Perfect for networked, ADD afflicted, creative, gregarious goofballs! in reply to lankycrayola # @__Diddle how can I help you with your college application? in reply to __Diddle #

Parent Thanks Counselor for Help With College Transfer

I used to think that the few parents who were hiring admissions consultants were the ultimate in helicopter parents. Working with you really changed my opinion about the value of good counseling and good advice. I realize now how flat-out difficult the process really is.

Great Information on Careers in Engineering

I recently came across this gold mine of information on careers in engineering. It has lots of cool stuff, including job listings, engineering news, and career advice. Check out | The Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

Student Finds Perfect College With Help of Expert College Counselor in Denver

It’s so fun to hear from students who have successfully found the perfect college…a place that really fits their academic and personal interests and abilities. This short video was created by one of my former students who is now at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  His family hired me as their college counselor to help […]

Want To Be An Architect? Study the Liberal Arts!

A client of mine is a budding architect.  He is taking an independent study in architecture at his high school, and has become very enthusiastic about the possibility of turning his interest into a career. But he is unsure about what road to take as an undergraduate.  Should he look for universities that offer a […]

College Consulting and the Denver Gap Year Fair

The Denver Gap Year Fair is coming on February 6th, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Denver Academy.  Click here for a PDF flyer announcing the Gap Year Fair. Why would a college counselor in Denver be interested in gap year (besides the fact that I’d love to take a gap year myself!)? More and […]

Campus Cuisine–It's Not Your Standard Cafeteria Fare Anymore

One of the most important stops on a campus visit is the dining hall.  While I try to remind my clients that education the primary “service” they are purchasing when they look at a college or university, it is true that they are also choosing a home for the next four years. So residence halls […]