Cornell College: One Extraordinary Opportunity After Another

As I discovered on a recent visit, Cornell College in Iowa truly lives up to its motto of “one extraordinary opportunity after another”. Read this blog post to find out why.

Block Plans at College – Are They a Good Fit For You?

Have you ever thought about taking one class at a time instead of juggling multiple courses? If so, you may want explore more about “block plan” curriculums.

It May Be January, But It’s Not Too Late to Apply to College! Part 2

If you missed the January deadlines for college applications for the Class of 2016, don’t fret.  There are still many great colleges which have February deadlines.  Many names you will recognize. So if you like to procrastinate.  Or if you’ve suddenly found the cure for cancer and have a brilliant new essay topic.  You might […]

Ivy Covered Campus – Can You Guess Where We Are?

Where’s Mark now? Are you looking for a beautiful, Ivy-covered campus on a hill, with harmonious, Georgian architecture, wonderful facilities, and offering a top-notch education? Watch this!