Educational Consultant Defines the Ivy League

Mark reminds us of what the Ivy League really is.

College Admissions Expert Visits High Point University

Mark visits High Point University in High Point, North Carolina to illustrate that just because a college has a lot of bells and whistles, that doesn’t necessarily translate to academic excellence, but in High Point’s case it just might.

College Admissions Expert Speaks About Early Decision

Mark advises students to consider a college carefully before applying early decision.

Parent Thanks Counselor for Help With College Transfer

I used to think that the few parents who were hiring admissions consultants were the ultimate in helicopter parents. Working with you really changed my opinion about the value of good counseling and good advice. I realize now how flat-out difficult the process really is.

Great Information on Careers in Engineering

I recently came across this gold mine of information on careers in engineering. It has lots of cool stuff, including job listings, engineering news, and career advice. Check out | The Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

Student Finds Perfect College With Help of Expert College Counselor in Denver

It’s so fun to hear from students who have successfully found the perfect college…a place that really fits their academic and personal interests and abilities. This short video was created by one of my former students who is now at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  His family hired me as their college counselor to help […]

Study in the USA from Guangzhou, China

During a recent trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, I met with hundreds of students and their parents to explain the American higher education system.  I participated in college fairs, presented at education expos, and gave lectures. As this short video explains, there is a dearth of good information about how to study in […]