Colleges Worry About Declining Enrollments, But You Should Sense Opportunity Amid the Turmoil

Today’s New York Times includes an article about worried admissions officers across the land, especially at private colleges, who are noticing steep declines in the numbers of applications.  Conventional wisdom has it that the financial aid picture is so bad that students dare not dream of attending a private school for fear of being unable […]

Ten College Planning Tips For Tough Economic Times

I’ve received a number of questions from readers, clients, and friends about how to navigate the college admissions and financial aid process in tough economic times.  By far the biggest worry on everyone’s mind is finding the resources to pay for college. In some ways we have a perfect storm a-brewing.  As personal savings and […]

College Shopping Tips: When Out-of-State is Cheaper than In-State Tuition

The financial downturn has high school seniors and their parents running scared.  How can we reduce costs?  How can we get the best deal? The conventional wisdom says that an in-state college is the cheapest option.  As with most conventional wisdom, this assumption is wrong. Let’s compare costs for a Colorado student considering majoring in […]


A couple of great carnivals are up that you might want to check out. Check out the Carnival of Homeschooling at Apollo’s Academy where my post about how the credit crunch may affect college admissions this cycle. The same post was featured in the Carnival of Linked-In Users at Janet Barclay’s blog.  This is an […]

The Credit Crunch and Financial Aid: What Will It Mean for College Admissions?

The press is full of startling articles about the impact of the economic downturn on financial aid.  For example, George Washington University is likely to transfer a portion of its financial aid budget for next year to students currently enrolled.  The private university fears that a significant portion of its student may have to leave […]

Falling Stock Markets and College Budgets: Mergers & Bankruptcies on the Horizon?

Forbes posted an article on October 22, foretelling hard times in the country’s higher education industry.  With falling stockmarkets, declining endowments, and some colleges having loaded up with debt in the past decade or so, the article predicts that some colleges may be swallowed up by financially stronger competitors, or will at the very least […]

Paying for College in a Credit Crunch

Lisa Belkin, a writer and blogger for the New York Times, has a couple of posts on her blog yesterday about the general angst and real effects on families’ decisions about college. For those who have graduating seniors who have seen their savings dry up, it has been a sobering–even depressing–few weeks. I recommend Amy’s […]