Liberal Arts College and Liberal Arts Education

While the liberal arts have declined in popularity in the past 50 years, part of this decline may be attributed to a misunderstanding of what a liberal education really is. Here are some definitions.

When Looking At Colleges Don’t Forget to Look at the Curriculum- A Visit to St. John’s College

Remember to examine the curriculum and learning style of a campus when doing college visits. A recent visit to St. John’s College shows just how different a curriculum can be from other colleges.

Chapman University is Creating Global Citizens

Earlier this week  I had the opportunity to visit Chapman University in Orange, CA.  Not only was I impressed by the beautiful campus and updated facilities, but the discussion of their Global Citizen initiative also caught my attention.  Chapman has included a Global Citizen requirement in their general education curriculum.  Students can fulfill this requirement […]

Choosing the Right College Curriculum–How Much Choice Is Right For You?

I recently toured several colleges in New England, including Amherst and Hampshire Colleges in Massachusetts, and Bennington and Marlboro Colleges in Vermont.  These visits brought home the fact that students do have choices in the sorts of curriculum they would like to form the core of their academic experience in college. The core of college […]