Private School Admissions–A Fierce Competition

Kathleen Kingsbury of the Daily Beast recently posted another article highlighting the craziness of the world of school admission. This time she takes aim at private school admissions at the elite institutions. And we’re not talking college. We’re talking pre-school, as well as elementary school. Kathleen’s article is titled, Private School Parents Confess. Seems that […]

The New College Rankings–An Alternative

I’ve been enjoying getting to know the Daily Beast. Kathleen Kingsbury writes quite a bit about college admissions. A recent article highlighted some colleges and universities that are somewhat under the radar screen as far as US News & World Report is concerned, but that are offering innovative programs suited to a variety of students…often […]

Dirty Secrets of College Admissions–It's More Art Than Science

Thanks to a reader, I stumbled upon a new publication today (new to me, anyway). The Daily Beast is running an article entitled, “Dirty Secrets of College Admissions.”  The author interviewed dozens of current and former admissions officers to ask about what the process is really like.   The answer?  It’s random.   Parents and […]